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Game designer egos


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Basically a board game designer has been blogging every idea he's had for awhile now, both failures and successes, and has decided to respond to the constant stream of would-be developers asking him "Aren't you afraid someone will steal your idea?".

A good read and the "The truth about ideas" really needs to be hammered home to the general minecraft modding and modpack community.

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Haha, I recently read through the discussion of the Underground Biomes mod, saw an example of this.

It's an interesting mod, it adds more varied and realistic stone, with hardness grades, layers, igneous and sedimentary, etc. A bit like Dwarf Fortress. Great mod, friendly designer and open source.

Then the maintainer of Terrafirmacraft (which explicitly copied Dwarf Fortress' geology scheme) turns up, and states that he'll generously allow this mod to proceed, as long as it doesn't steal any more features from Terrafimacraft... and doesn't understand why people suddenly seem so hostile.

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I only removed Underground Biomes from my modpack due to me feeling like it wasn't quite finished, but I ought to take an another crack at it, I need to fix the ID errors on Coral Reef mod anyways.

Should be an interesting thread to read, I don't think it was stolen from Terrafirma AFAIK.

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I have been adding mods to PC games for a while. I will say this about about most of them. The mod creators don't have a giant ego in most of the communities. The Mine craft community though is outright ludicrous in how a large portion of mod makers behave. I understand not wanting someone to steal your work, and claim as their own. But threatening to sue or suing someone over including it a mod pack. Purposely crashing their game because you have a beef with another modder or a platform. I have seen modders be hostile towards users of their mods because they don't quite understand how to make it work right. All this negative behavior from modders is damaging to the community. Other communities would have ran their collective butts out. It such a shame too so many good quality mods, but once their mod gets popular it is like you shoved a telephone pole up their rear.

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