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[0.6.5]CataclysmSurvival[24/7][24Slots][PvP/PvE][Raid][Hardcore][No removed Mods][No banned items]


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Server I.P: cataclysm-survival.g.akliz.net or

Server rules

1. No hacking of any kind. (Instant perm-ban)

2. No duping or exploitation of glitches and bugs (instant perm-ban)

3. Show common respect towards your fellow players (no racism or real life threats. punishment depends on severity)

notes* Raiding and pvp are allowed in and on all areas of the map. things like spawn killing, stealing and betraying other players will be frowned upon by other players but is not against the rules and will therefore be left to other players to exact their revenge.


Our server has no mods disabled and working mystcraft and dimensional doors. we currently have no banned items and no intention of disabling any. We run essentials, allowing player use of /tpa and home teleports ect. We will be adding "heads" a plugin that allows you to collect the heads of your fallen foes. We won't be adding any economy or shop plugins. You will have to barter and trade with your fellow players. There may be more added in the future but none that change the basic gameplay of tekkit lite. There is a 24 player limit but that will be upgraded if we find the server constantly full.

About us

We created this server with very specific ideals in mind, we want to give players the tekkit lite experience in its most raw form. we don't believe in restrictions and limits on peoples play styles. You will find a rare kind of freedom in our server, do what you want. We are trying to offer a hardcore experience for the most seasoned of tekkit veterans. you will need to build safe and smart to survive on our server. hide your valuables and use personal safes! will you be the one to make it to the top? How long can you stay there? Come and find out.

The ideal players for our server are the ones that want to be provided a challenge outside of your average multiplayer tekkit experience. Maturity is a must to survive on our server.


We have no whitelist and will never use one, the server uptime will be 24/7. There will be scheduled restarts (every 4 hours) also in case of a server crash it is set to restart after 3 mins of inactivity so we will not have long periods of downtime. Only expect downtime for maintainence. this will not be often and will only happen to install a new plugin ect. It will be done off-peak times of server activity.

The server is professionally hosted which will provide us with minimal lag.

Our promise to you

Cataclysm will be frequented by staff who have invested a lot of our personal time into getting this server up and running to our standards before public release. Our promise to you is that we will offer an unbiased and fair opinion on all matters and complaints put forward to us and act accordingly. We will always value your feedback and opinion on server related matters. We are doing this to provide a harsh and challenging survival experience for you that will be at the same time rewarding and satisfying. Beware any legitimate raid, kill or grief will not be punished by admins. It is up to the player to take care of these matters. We will only step in if any of the few server rules have been broken. If you see someone cheating in anyway screenshot or video it and contact us with the evidence.


Co-Owner's: Spearit7, Misterman21



MOD and admin applications may be held in the future but as of now we will be handpicking dedicated, helpful and respectful players to be given moderator status as our community grows.

Additional info

As of now we will not be using donator ranks or taking donations of any kind. every player on our server will be on equal footing. The only reason we would set up donations is if the server is in jeopardy due to financial reasons. Which isn't likely. Even then we will never restrict items to donator status.

If you have any issues with bugs or another player on the server please take screenshots or videos and report it to any of the staff through the technic forums.

So come and see if you can be the one to rise to the top in Cataclysm survival!

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Looks like an amazing server.i have a few suggestion though. unless you're still working on the plug-ins and such.

We're always open to suggestions, the server will continuously be worked on, there is still a lot we need to fine tune. Any suggestions you can offer would be much appreciated. As a server owner nothing is more important then the feedback of our players.

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okay to the owner i honestly would look at other servers like yours look at theblackdeath.us the owner is a giant dick he nuked me then banned me after donating $100+.

add plug-ins like towny and stuff

also ban mods like EE it's op

and portals...

you may a=want to ban mystacraft because it will lag the server...

This is how we differ from other servers, on our server you will need to use everything tekkit lite itself offers at your disposal to protect yourself. It is do-able, But yes, I agree. I understand a lot of players like playing with land protections, although I don't personally. fortunately the server isn't being run to fit my own personal needs. So with enough requests from long-term players we will most likely add factions or towny.

Onto the EE matter; EE3 is nothing like EE2 and I feel like it is not over-powered enough to consider banning it, this is my opinion and mine alone. At this time there is no intention of banning anything from the EE3 mod.

Dimensional portals is tolerable and will almost certainly never be removed.

I understand mystcraft provides a HUGE strain on the server, though while the server is still small we are able to handle running it.

I'm sure you can see my overall tone is the same and all this can be summed up in one single statement; we want to keep our tekkit lite server as much like tekkit lite as long as we can without affecting the overall feel of the game.

But I assure you there will be more plugins will be added in the future.

Also on the note of admin abuse you mentioned earlier I can assure you that wont be an issue on cataclysm survival, each and every one of the owners and co-owners (there is 4 of us) have invested money and personal time into getting this server operational and would not jeopardise our player numbers in such a way.

Thank you for your input, the staff appreciates it and please don't refrain from further input in the future.

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This server has everything I could hope for in a Tekkit Lite server: Friendly staff, rare downtime/lag, and above all else the freedom to do whatever I feel like doing! The flexibility of this server to accept all of the mods and items is remarkable and should not be taken for granted.

Thanks a lot dude, It really means a lot to hear you say that. Especially since were still in early days. :)

is the server down cuz of the hacker fella?

Yeah. Fatman_1994 we had to pull the server down from 9:06pm-9:24pm because one of the admins (spearit7) account was compromised, we believe he was hacked. We will be installing a plugin that makes admins need to fill in a password before they can log into the server, So we will not have this problem again. :)

~Unkown admin

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Server needs to be whitelisted for a few hours to a day or so. We need to fix a few conflicts with some plugins and a some other problems with the server.

Please keep in mind the server is barely one week old and will naturally be shaky for a little while.

I will post here when server is un-whitelisted. Thankyou for your time and patience. :)

EDIT: Server is back up and un-whitelisted!

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