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What is going to happen with the 1.6/1.7 versions of tekkit?


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As some of you may know, Thermal Expansion switched from Buildcraft Power, to something entirely different, that involves melting redstone. That kind of kills the entire point of New Tekkit: A single, unified, power source.

So what are the options?

The way I see it, there are three.

1. Keep it the exact same way. However, setups will be completely messed up, as MJ will no longer be used with thermal expansion. (From what I understand, a converter will be used for 1.6. But it may be removed in 1.7, or "The update the changed the world") In addition, it removes one of the key features of the tekkit pack: Unified power.

2. Replace Thermal Expansion with Industrial Craft 2/3. The new industrial craft is looking much better, and finally has some new features in it, after the relatively featureless 1.4 -1.5 ports. This also will disrupt setups, however, it will still keep a classic power generation, rather than a completely different setup.

3. Find another set of mods with a unified power system. This would mean removing Buildcraft however, which many players would hate.

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Industrial Craft is very unlikely due to its slow updates and it still being in the experimental phase.

Thermal expansion isn't even updated for 1.6 yet.

Also I haven't heard anything about them switching power however there is a lot of rumors floating around about it and even they themselves said most of it is bull.

Also if they switch out any mods... it would not likely be called tekkit but a new pack.

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Well, to note, Buildcraft's power system is becoming more stringent. Making it harder for mods to work with it. So having a different power system would not be all bad if a power converter is an easy way to connect with BC's new system. Or just do it the old way, engines = BC, generators = everything else.

Using a different power system would depend entirely on one thing: Compatibility. The energy would need to be flexible enough to allow other mods to pick it up and use it with no hassle. Even if the mods were not originally designed to use that system as it's primary power. It would need to be stable power, so no glitchyness with your power grid or connections between different mod machines. It should also be the core of the new pack. So having the majority of mods use that power.

From what I understand, that really only leads us back to what you originally stated:

1: Keep Thermal Expansion and use its new power system as the primary power system. Come on, Thermal Expansion is a good mod and has treated us well this far. Lets give it the benefit of the doubt here.

2: Try switching to IC and use the IC power system.(most mods in Tekkit will accept EU as readily as BC power) Yes, IC3 is getting a much needed overhaul, but I have yet to see the results. Hopefully it will end up for the better. IC always was a good multipurpose mod.

3: Find another way to unify the power. Custom power system would be required here. But that would limit how much customization of the mod pack can be done by the users. It's quite hard to get other mod makers to go with adding a new power system to their mod. It's a lot of coding and work for something that might not even last. And/or it might cause severe issues with their existing code.

4: Find another set of mods that have a unified energy system. If it's not BC, or IC2, then I believe they call it Universal Electric... Those sets of mods are fairly nice. Most of them work very well. But... UE power system is finicky when it comes to mods that are not UE. It is completely hit or miss. I've seen and heard of a lot of... issues... when dealing with UE power and non-UE mods... And besides, doing that would basicly make a whole new mod pack. It would not be tekkit anymore...

Edit: do have to add that the new BC power system is looking to be quite a bit more robust then it used to be, so the tradeoff of being harder to connect to it is balanced with the system most likely behaving far better then it even does now.

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Thermal Expansion is getting loads of new content. It would be really, really dumb to take it out.

Also, UE in Tekkit is not going to happen. That's what Voltz is for. (CanVox's own words- Personally, not a fan of UE so I support this decision.)

These are our options as I see them:

  1. Keep Buildcraft and TE. We have been promised a converter built in, and really. Think about it. Is there any reason whatsoever to take it out for 1.7 because of 1.7?
  2. Same as ^ but add IC2. New content is fun.

Tekkit isn't specifically meant to have 1 energy network, it's meant to have a slimmer set of Mods that won't take ages to update. *cough* redpower *cough* The long wait for TE3 is a bump in the road but isn't a disaster.

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Is there any reason whatsoever to take it out for 1.7 because of 1.7?

The converter is only designed to help keep old setups useful. Due to forced world resetting in 1.7, it won't matter anymore, making removing the converter likely.

Wasn't the relaunch of Tekkit to slim down the modpack for newer, more performant mods and lower levels of unnecessary complexity?

Well TE3's new power system adds unnecessary complexity... so...

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I don't understand why the converter would be taken out. Where did King Lemming say it would be? I see no indication that it wasn't intended to be a permanent feature.

Honestly, I don't see what the problem is. So, you need a converter between your quarry and your Tesseract. Bummer. MFR and AE are already on board with the RF API, and UE is considering switching over to it.

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I don't suppose I mind much if power systems change. If it's even a real deal.

To me, the most important aspect is KEEPING MY WORLD. We had to restart our server with the "new" Tekkit, and my hope was that the new Tekkit would keep world continuity in mind.

So, my vote here is, do whatever needs to be done to keep things rolling, but don't put me in a position where we have to restart. Honesty, if we did that again everyone on my server would quit Minecraft.

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Honestly I'd be very surprised if you'd be able to keep your world. Tekkit is at the mercy of the devs for the mods in the pack. Just the changes being discussed to TE would be enough to break an older world let alone any of the other mods in the pack. I again say that a newly named pack would be best because those servers that want to stay at this version would be able to without the headache of "switch your tekkitmain version to x.y.z to play on our 1.5.x based server, then switch it to the latest to play elsewhere."

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I've read through a good chunk of the FTB post on the TE changes.

I didn't see anything terribly world breaking in their plans. Nothing that didn't seem like it could be managed with one of the block mapping scripts.

Can you guys point me to the suggestions that speak otherwise?

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This reminds me, what happened to MAtmos? Did too many people find it annoying or was it a permissions issue?


All mods are under WTFPLv2 unless noted otherwise. Redistribute/Modify at will.

No need to ask permission for use of my mod in mod packs, I won't reply, the answer is yes you are allowed to, and I don't care where you use it

I'm guessing it would be the former.

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