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[1.0.8] Business B-Team [PvE][Economy][100 Slots][Open] Perfect Economy!


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  1. 1. What should we work on next?

    • Minigames. Types determined in future polls.
    • All out PvP subserver. Features would be in the next content poll. (Does not reflect main world, can transfer items back and forth.)
  2. 2. Should Dubstep Guns be Banned? (Bypassing Anti-PvP)

    • Yeah!
    • No!
    • I Don't Care!

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As Momo said the server is now fixed. We have now moved to a DDoS protected private dedicated server. This means that we are not sharing the specs of the server with other servers. Our ram has been greatly improved (full specs available in op) so as a result our slots have been improved. If more are needed we will expand them further. I want to thank you guys for sticking with us through the hiccups. I hope you all have a great time on the improved server :)

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Great Server! Sure it's down sometimes but that is due to the new modpack and some of its issues as it is a new modpack. I highly recommend people to try it out. You'll be welcomed by friendly staff that will surely help you out if asked. Business Elite's Owner surely knows what he's doing. Check it out for yourselves guys! :hellyeah:

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  • Anything claiming to be official Technic servers are not allowed here, for obvious reasons

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