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[1.0.8] Business B-Team [PvE][Economy][100 Slots][Open] Perfect Economy!


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  1. 1. What should we work on next?

    • Minigames. Types determined in future polls.
    • All out PvP subserver. Features would be in the next content poll. (Does not reflect main world, can transfer items back and forth.)
  2. 2. Should Dubstep Guns be Banned? (Bypassing Anti-PvP)

    • Yeah!
    • No!
    • I Don't Care!

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IP: aotbt.businessmodpack.com

TeamSpeak 3: ts.businessmodpack.com


The Business B-Team server is an economy Attack of the B-Team server. Use all of your resources to try to create the best automation you can, and earn the highest amount of money you can. Open up a Business with friends, and sell items to others, or just go solo. We aim to create the best experience possible for users.

If economy isn't your thing, don't worry. There are plenty of other things to do. Whether it is playing modded minigames, or just braving the pack, we guarantee you will have a great time!



At Business B-Team we focus on creating the #1 server experience. Building new friendships is an essential part of our goal. Business B-Team is NOT one of those large server 'companies' that hosts 10s of servers to make a profit. Our aim is to allow the players to have the best server experience they can possibly have without needing to pay any money for restricted content. All items that are restricted are only to protect the general interests of players, and not to charge money for them. Here you can get to know others on a better level through our teamspeak server or just using our chat channels. Team up with players and have a wonderful experience. If you ever have a problem, our amazing team of staff is on around the clock to help you out. Whether you have been griefed, or verbally assaulted, our staff will be there on the nude.



Here at Business B-Team we don't like grief, stealing, and all of those things that make people rage when they log in. Thus we have a system of protecting your land from others. Using the Grief Prevention plugin, and claiming your land with a golden shovel keeps your land safe from anyone else. Nobody will be able to rob you of your equipment again!



As a PvE server our rules boil down to 3 main areas:

  • No Griefing
    • Stealing
    • Player Traps
  • Be Kind/Respectful
    • No Vulgar/Derogatory Language
    • Apply the Golden Rule
      • Treat Others the Way You Want to be Treated
  • Use Common Sense
    • Spamming
    • Advertising
    • Hacked Clients
    • Exploiting Bugs, Glitches, or Loopholes



  • Intel Xeon E3v1225
  • 32gb RAM
  • 2 x 120gb SSD
  • 1gb/s Connection
  • DDoS Protected




  • Modern Weaponry for Flan's Mod - We are a strictly no PvP server. Unfortunately these weapons are able to kill players which is against the rules and goal of our server. So no weapons!
  • Minions - These pesky little creatures can currently bypass protected claims. We are currently working on a way to get them to stop being invasive!


  • TnT of all Varients - As a grief free server
  • Florbs - The throw-able liquids can cause massive property damage! Until we find a fix for this these will be disabled.
  • All Needles (Except Regular) - As much fun as it is to play around with all sorts of needles and shoot them at people/animals, it can hurt the environment and players.


  • Buycraft
  • Chestshop
  • CraftConomy
  • Disablecraft
  • Essentials
  • Global Market
  • Grief Prevention
  • Group Manager
  • Prism
  • Scheduled Announcer
  • Secure Chests
  • Simple Region Market
  • Vault
  • WorldBorder
  • WorldEdit
  • WorldGuard


1. Open your technic platform

2. Click on the "Attack of the B-Team Pack"

3. Hit Play

4. Add the ip in multiplayer: "aotbt.businessmodpack.com"

5. Log in and enjoy!

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We have update the server to version 1.0.2 of Attack of the B-Team! If you are just getting the pack after release it may take a while to download. Technic's server are really getting hammered! Please be patient.

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Yes, enjoying it so much that he has to spam and make this thread have more posts, and therefore make the thread, and the server, more impressive!(I just boosted it by 1 too!!!!)

It was a double-post. Check the times in the future. Of course, he probably should have reported it as an unintentional double-post, but you didn't have to go and make a huge deal out of it.

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I will try to get more slots ASAP! I did not expect to get so many people joining within in the past hour!

Edit: We are experiencing a few technical difficulties! Server may be offline for a little bit as we try to get everything sorted out!

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I will try to get more slots ASAP! I did not expect to get so many people joining within in the past hour!

Edit: We are experiencing a few technical difficulties! Server may be offline for a little bit as we try to get everything sorted out!

Blast it I was going try out B-Team tonight.

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Looks like attack has been successfully ended and we can get back to building things out of blocks! Cya guys back on the server!

Edit: And the DDoS is back. Lets hope it is gone soon! I want to go back to development and you guys can go back to building. Sorry about all the trouble, and hope you stick with us through the hiccups. I will try my best not to allow things like this to happen again.

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