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Lag spikes


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Hello, I am facing lag issues with the Attack of the b-team modpack and most technic modpacks.


I have recently reformatted my hard drive and installed fresh the technic launcher (Before that, I had been facing the same problem). Attack of the B-Team had been running somewhat smoothly until I tried to add some more mods (Growthcraft and Treecapitator). After installing them, my game would lag every couple of second, rendering the game unplayble. I tried removing those two mods but the problem still persists.


On some third party modpacks I have the same problem and not even optifine seems to be helping. I wonder if there is a fix about it, but I suspect the problem must be with my RAM. I have 2gigs (I dedicate the 1GB to minecraft) of RAM on a 32bit Windows 7 system. I was told that I can only add up to 3gigs on 32bit systems. Is that true? If so, will 3gigs fix the problem? Thank you for your time.  :psyduck:



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1 GB is way too less for big mod packs like B-Team and the other. You should get more RAM.

It is possible to get more than 3.25 GB on 32-bit OS by using a modified kernel - but that might cause many severe problems. If you want to extend your memory to 4 GB, get a x64 OS.


Thank you for your answer! I run on an Intel Pentium Dual-Core E5400 @2.70GHz. Will it be able to handle 64bit? I am totally clueless :P 

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currently i have a "semi-new"(<1yr old) laptop with a dual core processor and 4gb ram with a 500gb HDD and if i just run ATB mod it will go into "not respondidng" then will load the map followed by continual lag spikes lasting anywhere from a matter of seconds up to an hour (i just left it run to see how long it would take to correct it'self) I'm playing the game on tiny with everything off and it's just so buggering. when i first started playing ABT it ran smoothly. now i can't even chop a tree without ghost moves and horrendus lag. idk what they did to the modpack since it's release but since 1.0.4 (the build that all this started on) i can't fathom playing for more than 10 to 15 mins. hard for a youtuber to play such short sessions.

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