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New Survival 24/7 Running Server!


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Jack and I (Liam) have opened a new server, its Attack of The BTeam.


It is survival and now WHITELISTED!


We are a small server but we do not take downtime lightly, we get the server running mostly under 10mins but depending on the error it can vary.


Running Version: V1.0.9




The server runs 24/7 and welcome all, can't wait to see you on there!


Below please fill out this app to be Whitelisted, basic info needed:


Real name:

Skype or form of contact:


Previous Work, if any:


If applied below, if you have skype then you may be contacted by mowser98, that will be me, so keep an eye out!


The reason for real names is because we are a community not anonymous, so no real name, then you wont be considered, sorry!


If you really like this server then please promote us to your friends!

Thanks for reading, Our website is below!


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I'm sorry but it would be very helpful if maybe we could see you on the server sometime, wont really add anyone else they've been on the server!


Thanks for applying, your still being considered but nothing more unless we see u on sometime!

Once again thanks!

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Ign: mfdso


Real name: Arthur (why???)


skype: mfkdso (feel free to contact me)


To have a good time, and try to make some friends :)


Previous work: have been working with the chisel and carpenters blocks mods for some time now


P.S. will contact you :)

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IGN: AfroDog7117

Real name: Sam

Skype or form of contact: sam.starrs (skype)

Reason: Well, what can I say, I love helping servers out! I have became a great builder and would like to put my talent of building and my love for helping servers out and become a your server builder! Plus I could really make some things happen with chisel and carpenters mod!!!

Previous Work, if any: I dont have any pictures at the moment but I'll try my best to get some to you as soon as possible!


                                                 Thanks For The Opportunity! - AfroDog7117 

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Whitelist Application


In Game Name: colourPanda


Age: 18


I have been working on a community project on another server for weeks but unfortunately it got griefed. Because of this i really want to join a small, good, honest whitelist server that has a solid community. From the replys to this topic it seems this server is just what i wanted/ needed! 


Thank you for reading and i hope i can become a part of it,



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Thanks for applying, also at the moment we now have a new position opened up, its Moderator, so please apply again or edit post with the position u would like to apply for, or both. Thanks again for all who applied!


(We do not whitelist, sorry, only staff will be whitelisted sorry. It maybe however a donation extra, so look out for that!)

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IGN: seckkb1

Real name: Cristo Bautista

Skype or form of contact: mrseckkb1

Reason: Because I want to help build on this server to earn more experience and help you guys out.

Previous Work, if any: I have built many 'hubs', 'spawn areas', and other things in many servers. If you would like to see I can send you pictures via skype.

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IGN: Skippy545

Real name: Josh

Skype or form of contact: live:gillfish10 its Skype name

Reason: trying to get some work in technic servers to learn how to be a moderator or admin on servers

Previous work: none but on servers im sometimes do more things to help people then admins and moderators

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IGN: candycool1234

Real name: Chandler

Skype or form of contact: candykewl

Reason: I've been looking for a great server to play on with people who are a community

Previous Work, if any: I built a steam punk floating city with airships flying about :D

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Real name:Nick

Skype or form of contact:Skype-butter2222

Reason:I want to help people who struggle with other mods and also have a server to play on with a great community

Previous Work, if any:None

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Real name: Ty

Skype or form of contact: Skype:tyjae26

Reason:I want to play on a server that I don't have to worry about getting raided or grief. I want to have fun win people and teach beginners.

Previous Work, if any: Building bases, Some witchery stuff...

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So i'll be submitting applications for me and my friends so we dont all have to post "spam" the thread

IGN: Sh_guest 

Real name: Lurch

Skype or form of contact: Lurchabilly (shall come up as [~] Lurch)

Reason: Want to find a (stable)server for me and my friends

Previous Work, if any: Whatdya want? My resume? xD jk I've done ALOT with redstone and can build most things.

Friend 1:

IGN: awsomeblade537

Real name: Noah

Skype or form of contact: It changes alot, just contact lurch

Reason: Same reason as Lurch/Sh_guest

Previous Work, if any: None documented

Friend 2:

IGN: Digitalpig

Real name: Call him Piggy

Skype or form of contact: Contact Lurch

Reason: Lurch's reason

Previous Work, if any: Same as Awsomblade537

Friend 3:

IGN: ashabell

Real name: Ashabutt

Skype or form of contact: Contact Lurch

Reason: Lurch

Previous Work, if any: Built a town

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IGN: Shun749


Realname: Hannes and I'm from sweden


Skype: Hannes.carlsson2


Reason:I would like to try to play Attack of the B-team on a server


Previous Work, if any: I do a lot with redstone


I hope I get accepted for I have not much to do in your spare time

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Thanks to all who has posted their appy for whitelist, i will be adding ALL who have left their minecraft info above, for those who are gonna apply below please note that, there will not be many spaces left. Also a note to all, the server will change from time to time, at the moment it will stay Attack of The B-Team, however there will be a change for the server soon! If you'd like to send your thoughts or comments about this change please skype: mowser98


At the moment the thought is that it might be a Hat Pack server on FTB! Let me know what you all think! XD Once again, good luck to those applying below!


[Note: All that have been added to the server whitelisted from now and so will stay FOREVER on the whitelist, if you are to abuse the rules, even just once, you WILL forever be removed! Thanks for reading!]

Edited by mow98
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