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Lag spikes!? [Probably a fix read Edit3]


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Hey all, Im playing on a singleplayer survival.


So when i first started i was already lagging.


So i turned everything in videosettings down.


Im running on a 64x Bit pc with a i7 4core at 3.5 GHZ with 16GB ram.


So i dont know why only AOTBT lags so hard other packs like ftb unleashed is having no lag spikes.


I already turnd of leaves falling, does anyone have other sugestions?




Edit:    Is there a way to turn off Weather mod without any issues?


Edit2: I allocated 3GB ram still lag spikes.



Edit 3: Probably a fix don't know for sure:


My Mini GamePC:


Motherboard: H87I-PLUS

Processor: Intel Core i7 - 4770K S1150 (4 cores) (3,50/3,90GHZ)

RAM: 16GB DDR3 1600MHZ

VideoCard: Onboard


Im using the default texture pack.


Video settings, (No lag;spikes) 100+ FPS {FOR ME}


Graphics: Fancy

Smooth Lighting: Minimum
3D Anaglyph: Off

GUI Scale: Normal

Brightness: Bright

Particles: all

Fullscreen: off


Render Distance: Normal

Performance: Max FPS

Vieuw Bobbing: off

Advanded OpenGL: off

Clouds: Off

Server Textures: Off

Use VSync: off


I allocated a total of 1.5GB of RAM and everything is doing good.



Hope that will help you all :)

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