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I'm trying to install the sphax texture pack for attack of the b-team.The modpack is running perfectly but it just wont install the texture pack i open up resource packs


in the video i watched he said "it might look like its gonna crash but it will load" but mine just looks like its gonna crash and then i doesnt do anything :/

it says v 1.6.2 it maybe because of that this is 1.6.4 can it be because of the version or do you think its something else?

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You might not have enough RAM allocated in the launcher, or your system is running out of memory altogether. Check your task manager while it seems to be hung up. If you have more than a gig of memory still free you can try bumping up the settings in the launcher. If you are hitting your max/physical you are maybe out of luck. Texture packs consume a LOT of memory.

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My spax is is also 1.6.2 and for me its working fine.

you cant almost screw it up but, did you add the textures for attack of the b team?


And as said here above make sure you have enough ram.

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