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What is your favourite Attack of the B-Team mod?


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So I've been playing around a lot over the past days with the mods in this modpack, and I think I have found my definite favourite mod. While the witchery is fun for trolling people and Tinkers' construct is cool for making tools, it's Advanced Genetics that has a special place in my heart. It is easy to set up and as soon as you get this rolling you get all of these fun abilities at your disposal. My favourites are infinite milk and the grass eating gene. 


So what are your favourite mods guys?


leave them in the down below!

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Galacticraft is pretty fun...probably the mod I've spent the most time on. I do like Tinker's Construct though too. I don't know what my favorite mod is though...Either Galacticraft orrrrrrrrr hmmmmmmmmm maybe Mine Factory Reloaded with all the cool stuff it has. 

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