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Attack of the B-Team forums are a mess


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So, I don't know if this is bothering you guys, but I'm really annoyed by the fact that there are practically no threads about creations, mod or whatsoever. 95% of the threads is about problems that people have. 


The most obnoxious thing is however, that the same problem is getting posted several times. It's like people want more private attention. Is there anything that can be done to make this part of the technicpack forums a nice place for people to discuss their creations and mods?

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I've had similar thoughts -- all the posts seem to be "x is broken or not working" and yet they don't bother posting them in the issue tracker.  But short of backseat modding (which is a no-no) I don't really have any idea how to help fix it.


Like you said, very few are bothering to search the forums.  And a lot of the issues are poorly explained at best.

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I am bumping this and supporting it as we'll and I will probably continue to bump it. This is ridiculous. I don't mind trying to help people provided they are not lazy and are willing to work at a solution. But when every other thread is help me this help me that. Can't do this cant do that it really really boils my blood. I am an Administrator of a pretty large gaming community and we have a ton of boards and don't get me wrong it can get cluttered but our mods stop it immediately. And trust me I am sure mods are trying to do what they can but it must not be easy in this board especially.

The way things are going on this board, it makes it almost impossible to keep track of things when every other post is OMG B TEAM NO START!!!!! Meanwhile if you do a simple search ALMOST every single problem has been answered. Really ticks me off. I won't back seat mod but I will keep bumping this every once and a while so staff can see this and maybe bring order back to this board.

&end rant

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I will tell you the subreddit isnt much different. I do support getting the mods in here to crack down on these. A lot of them seem like people who just make an account to post about how its not working for them. 

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Well maybe it is a sign that freaking technic should fix their shit. Did not think of that huh. They need to fix attack of the b team asap


Maybe you should do some research into what is causing these problems. I guarantee you, 95% of the current problems are because the user doesn't have Java 1.7 installed.


And that's nothing Technic can fix. It's what YOU can do.


If your problem isn't due to Java, post on the tracker instead of whining here. If you post on the tracker, it WILL get fixed if it CAN be fixed.


I'm playing Attack of the B-team without a problem.

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