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(Support/Issue) Tekkit(MAIN) won't load world up


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My Tekkit(main) world won't load!
I've been using Tekkit and the Technic Launcher for a year or two now and everything else works fine. But, for some reason, it refuses to load my world. My creative world works fine so it wasn't an update issue or anything sensible like that.

My world's .dat fine is still in my tekkitmain>saves folder; and inside it looks completely normal-identical to my working world's file. 
 I'm not too far in game so its not like I was doing anything extremely taxing on it other than a couple of ComputerCraft things; which disable at logoff anyway ...


Also, I have pictures of the files being in place and Minecraft not detecting the world at the 'Select World' screen but can't figure out how to add them to my Media Library thingamabob.
So, any ideas? Has this happened to anyone else or am I missing something obvious?

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Okay so I somehow got a corrupted world. Don't know how that happened but you can recover it like any other old vanilla world. Not sure if this will work on servers, but by following the page on the Minecraft Wiki I got my world back and even my Comptercraft programs. Unfortunatly, what you had on you is lost and would have to be spawned in. Speaking of which, you'll spawn somewhere randomly, but if you used Rei's Minimap you can copy the old waypoints and rename them to put them onto the world to get your bearings straight.  

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Please take all issues to the tracker. They won't be considered otherwise, and support (both the giving and receiving thereof) on Discussion is against board rules.

Unfortunately, corruptions happen. The best defense against them are frequent backups, so you can roll back to the last one if something breaks. Failing that, the established method to recover a corrupted world save is thus:

  1. make sure the game is not running
  2. copy the whole world save somewhere safe, so you can try again when this doesn't work
  3. rename the world save directory to something else (just append _old or something)
  4. start the game and have it create a completely fresh world with the exact same name the to-be-recovered one had
  5. quit the game
  6. copy the to-be-recovered world completely over the newly generated one, overwriting all files
  7. start the game, try to run the world
  8. if this doesn't work, repeat the process up to 5 and then copy only region data

This usually repairs your world. If it works again, do yourself a favour and get used to making those backups.

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