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Mod Issue! Cant craft in multiplayer only single.


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Hey guys,


I am extremely new to this and I have an issue Using Tekkit;


In Singleplayer - I can craft a Wooden Knife 11796, with no issues.

In Multiplayer (My dedicated server) - I can Not craft a Wooden Knife 11796. - I try and drag the knife to my Inv. and it doesnt work.


Also, I cant find any special resources, such as Tin, Copper, Rubber....


I am assuming there is some Minecraft server issue or the fact I have NFI what I'm doing.


Please let me know what you think,




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Tin and Copper are usually pretty plentiful if you go in any caves or do much mining. There are 2 types of each which will not stack together. Although, if you pulverize them, both types of each make the same powder or smelt into same ingots. Lead seems to be less plentiful than Tin or Copper, but is still around if you look for it.


Rubber drips should drop onto you or the ground if you cut down a rubber tree. Not sure how to describe it but the bark is a smoother (blurry) brown texture compared with other trees.

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sorry for asking likely obvious questions


What do you exactly mean and understand by "dedicated" server? Did you download the server.zip of Tekkit and started a server out of that and then connected with your client to the server?

Have you tried re-download the tekkit-server.zip?

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