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For those who don't know... This is how big the Sacred Rubber Tree really is.

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lol How do you get this in game (can you?) ;) I would love to take a lumber axe to it... (Crashes for days)

There's a very tiny chance of this tree spawning simply from regular rubber tree saplings. They can crash a server from simply spawning. AFAIK, you can also find a sacred rubber tree sapling in dungeon chests. But don't quote me on that.

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You can indeed find sacred saplings in dungeon chests, these are as rare as them coming from any source though.


@Phoenix - Lumber Axe wouldn't work on it from the base base, as its taller than the max blocks necessary. A harvester from TE won't have an issue with it though, and itd be lag free (ish.....ykno, besides the growth)

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My question stands... why did the mod devs think this was a good idea?

It demonstrates that the MFR harvester can handle pretty much anything you throw at it with its algorithms (it was primarily a test of that originally, but was left in because it's awesome).  People no longer have a leg to stand on when arguing that the harvester can't handle a modded tree like the Red|power stained trees or things like the Redwood trees (which have both caused issues in previous versions), it focuses the attention back where it belongs.


Last I looked these could only come from dungeon chests - has that changed?

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That's a bug, Kotja - drops from trees should be impossible, they should only be available from jungle loot chests (or bop chests based on jungle biomes), and even then only with a config switch enabled.


If you've got an ME network then you might have some kind of ID mismatch, change or clash when you added that mod, I'd double-check there.

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