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Suggestions for mod additions to Attack of the B-Teame

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I have been playing a lot of the Attack of the B-Team pack, and it is amazing. In such a short time, the technic people have assembled an amazing pack. However, I think it can be better. Certain mods would really add to the gameplay. These mods are: (Feel free to add more in comments)


Thaumcraft 3

Industrial Craft 2 (with add ons)

Twilight Forest (maybe)

Divine RPG

Mysticraft (maybe)

Flans Vehicle Pack and other add ons 


These are just the mods I thought of, feel free to post other mods you think would be good in comments. If you are a technic pack developer reading this, please add these mods, and keep up the amazing work!

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As I understand it this mod pack is primarily for the Attack of The B-Team youtube series and we all just get the privilege of playing the pack they organised, you're probably best off contacting them directly (GenericB, Chimneyswift and a bunch of others whose names escape me right now).


They're easy enough to find on youtube and facebook and tend to reply more than most people I've known that do this kind of thing.  It's not wrong to post this here, but I still think if you're serious that's a better bet.

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