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Sorry about the long wait for this one peeps but due to the whole crazy events with Mojang being sold my video release schedule got messed up as I felt it was needed to report on the situation as it progressed along side releasing my Zelda Adventure map build series.

None the less the next part of my Thermal Expansion tutorial series is now available covering the Magma Crucible, Fluid Transposer and fluiduct. 

You can watch it @ 

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Ok I saw a lot of comments on wikis and forums with people struggling with the Cresent hammer and configuring ducts so I've made a tutorial covering that before returning to cover the other machines.

You can watch it @ 

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The next part in my Minecraft Thermal Expansion tutorial series we take a look at the Pneumatic Servo, Aqueous Accumulator, Glacial Precipitator and Igneous Extruder.
You can watch ot @ 
 or earlier in this thread. Edited by IDED
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Well I know this isn't a mod included in AOTBT but I think as so many people asked me about it I would include it with this series of videos...


How to install Shaders for AOTBT


You can view it @

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