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Disabling Chunk Loader/s

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As for chunk loading it depends on what there using to chunk load

btw Disabling the pixie by changing the id can also cause stress n the server for missing ids ,this may be why your crashing.

when the test build 1.0.11a goes recommended id advise on recreating the promise land, if there isn't anything to important there, as they have "fixed" reduced the number of pixies or you can just use /cofh killall pixie , that will remove all pixies in the chunk

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Well ive had no drama's with promise land since removing the pixies, but once 11a is out i'll re-enable them.


As for chunk loaders, i dont want them to be used at all period reguardless of what they're used for, hence why i wish to know how to permanently disable there use.

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Would be kind of hard to do, as there are a few different ways of chunk loading, each using a different mods and then ol fashion hopper loader.

Never had this problem before lol usually looking for more way too chunk load :D

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Set the chunk loading blocks IDs to 0 to disable them, these are done in their respective mod config. However, keep in mind in order to disable vanilla hoppers means you would need to ban those items through the use of another mod or plugin and essentially means no hoppers and no nether portals.


So, getting rid of chunk loaders means

1) No hoppers

2) No nether portals

3) No enhanced portals

4) No poppet shelves

5) No chunk loader (MFR)

6) No Sync

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