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[1.6.4] Tekkit Kings server

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Ok I’ll be blunt here, I’m not good at intros but I’ll try my best. After about 2 months of hard work and reloading worlds to find a spawn point I like, I settled on one and made a nice little Spawn town that will always be growing with more to do in it.  It’s a community based server mostly PvE (player vs the world for those who don't know) though PvP is ok as long as you don't loot the grave and give the other player a chance to get back to it (10-15 min sounds fair to me). I am always looking for input and ideas for quests and buildings and other stuff to put in spawn as well, so feel free to post on the Facebook page or here on the forum.






Ok this section should be basics but i'll put it anyhow


• Respect EVERYONE (even the NPCs lol jk), some people have it rough so don't make it worse.
• Sexist, Racist or just plain rudeness will not be tolerated and will be ban ASAP.
• NO hacks, glitching , cheating, greifing, duplicating, or all around abusing bugs (I know a lot of them).
• Staff have final word, if there is a problem come to a staff member to solve it before making a bigger problem.
• One Quarry per full time player (I don’t need a lot of chunks being held active for players who play once a month)
• Streaming and YouTube videos are welcome, message an owner and we can even help out a bit if asked
• Finally don't beg for staff or promotions, you earn or donate for a rank







Just because I said staff rank is earned doesn’t mean you can’t still apply for it. In fact it’s part of earning the staff rank, so basically fill out the app down below and send it on Facebook,  email or even in a message on here for me. They all get saved for backup and looked over.
I am always looking for builders to help with spawn and people familiar with the mods that are on the server. Other roles are open as well, there is also a special house in spawn for staff members and soon maybe even a world if all works out.



Position applying for:
In game name:
How long have you been on the server:
Reason for wanting this position (requires paragraph):
Experience (details):
Contact info:
Dedicated time:
What you can bring:
Proof of work:
I’m not running some 5 star BnB here (bad joke i know) but here is the info on the server as donations and real life work picks up the server is planned to be upgraded more and more
SERVER HOST: HostHord (I find them to be good at what they do)
Up Time: 99% (there is always stuff you can’t see or when updating the mod pack)
MEMORY: currently 2G and can fit 50 players at one time hoping to upgrade to unlimited pack though)
It’s my favourite part about a post, I get to tell you about all the mods I have on the server =^~^=
  1. MCPC+ (forge and bukkit jar, it can be a real pain in the butt tho)
  2. Buildcraft
  3. Ender IO
  4. Applied Energetics
  5. Thaumcraft 4.1 + addons (forbidden magic and Advanced Thaumaturgy)
  6. Naturia
  7. Tinkers Construct
  8. Mine factory Reloaded
  9. Nether Ore
  10. Twilight Forest
  11. Witchery
  12. Bibliocraft + addons (bibliowoods)
  13. Gravestones 
  14. Liquid XP
  15. Thermal Expantion
  16. Pams Harvestcraft, and Wee Flowers
  17. Railcraft
  18. Power Converters
  19. Custom NPC and More player Modles (Cnpc is a fix because MCPC+ is a poopey head)
  20. Carpenters Block




Well most of the plugins I have on are for admins only but I’ll put a few down here for you to see what's going on

  1. Grope Manager
  2. Towny
  3. World Border
  4. Item Restrict
  5. Buycraft 
  6. World Guard
  7. Essenchals





Sorry it’s not a bunch of pics of the hero of time ( >.> really another bad joke?)
Anyhow this section is the Facebook and other links to help with the server and other important things you may need to know



Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1424355977817088/

Server Pack: http://www.technicpack.net/api/modpack/heroexterios-pack

Server Texture: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/178480845/HeroExterio's%20Texture%20Pack.zip

Buycraft: http://tekkitkings.buycraft.net/

E-mail: - on request only

SERVER IP: s22.hosthorde.com:25845


All pics of the server will be on the Facebook page (mostly because i dont know how to post them here

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