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I has 2 mods that should be added to attack of the b team that I think are awesome and they are, like hexxit, the infernal mobs mod and the extra utilities mod they are both awesome mods and also fun and should be added to attack of the b team if you with me comment to this plz

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There's two groups who can make decisions on mods to add to this pack, and they both work together and tend to take each others advice pretty seriously.  There's the B-Team guys (genericb, chimneyswift etc.) and the Technic guys (that's some of the people here, CanVox?)


If there's mods that you think would fix some balance issue or help with the gameplay in some way without really adding anything big and gamechanging (stuff that fits nicely or makes things a little more convenient) then that's probably the guys here you should talk to.  Tinkers Mechworks was an example of this - it didn't really change anything, but it meant you could have big doors or drawbridges on your castle.


If you just think it's cool or it could really change gameplay then you're better off talking to the B-Team guys instead, especially with the two you've suggested having such huge changes in gameplay likely to happen. Extra utilities adds some neat stuff, but what does it add that you really need to be able to do something?


Think of the pros and cons;

Pro: The mufflers would mean you could silence an animal farm or rain in ways you can't at the moment.

Con: The ender-thermic pump would mean just about all power generation except nether lava pumps would be abandoned.

Do you see the issue there?  You've reduced power generation to one obvious best choice in one stroke - cutting out a lot of experimentation and inventive power facilities people would have otherwise made.



Infernal mobs would be interesting, but it would utterly change how the early game went - you'd be building a base and doing cautious trips out until you could handle (or at least escape) from most monsters, similar to how hexxit goes early on.  The B-Team allows you to have a very nomadic lifestyle right from the beginning largely due to the vanilla mobs, finally settling down when you want to get serious in production, not simply as a requirement to survive early gameplay.  Again it adds something, but takes options away - that's the kind of decision the B-Team would have to make.

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