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Word not visible

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Earlier today, I was playing on my Attack of the B team world when the game suddenly closed. (No crash report appeared)
Now whenever I go on the worlds menu the world I used is not visible but the world file still exists.
I have tried transferring the files to a new world but that just makes the other world vanish too!

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I'd say your "word" is quite visible, since you posted this 3 times now.


You know that pinned thread that says "Issue tracker for the B-team Now open"?

And inside says the following text:


Please use the new issue tracker for any bugs and crashes you may find. Issues and bugs posted in this forum will be deleted and you will be warned.


Your issue belongs on the Tracker.

If you're lazy you can just read the Common Issues and Fixes thread, that is also pinned to the top, which mentions the fix to this very issue.

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