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[1.6.4]Modded Islands[Starting Server][15 slots][Whitelist][Absolute Mayhem Pack]

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Absolute Mayhem Modpack can be found here!


Internet Protocol (IP) : mayhem.g.akliz.net




1. Be respectful of other players

2. No griefing, ruining other player's bases or projects, or stealing

3. No nukes. TNT is allowed for mining, clearing space, or testing. Rule 2 applies for TNT

4. No racism, harassment, and anything that falls into categories that are similar.

5. Absolutely no rule breaking, or rule bending. If you break these, you will be banned, and will be replaced by another member on the forums.




I created this server for my modpack because when I played it in single player, I always felt alone, and wanted other people to play with and test things with. The server is kinda to help test the modpack, and and to start squashing bugs. I would also like to start a "Spawn Town" for shops and services. The expected uptime should be 24/7, unless a crash or update happens, then it will be taken down for a few minutes. I want players on my server that enjoy modded minecraft, are able to play the modpack, and are able to play at least one day a week. They should know some basics on modded minecraft, and can be nice to other players, and are over the age of 14. The modlist can be found here! There is only 1 restricted item, which is nukes, which can be used with permission from me, Spectacular101.




Below is a video on how to install Absolute Mayhem on the Technic Launcher:


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Never been banned

No racism, harassment or anything that falls into categories that are similar

I want to join because i find playing single-player boring and lonely, and public servers have too many banned items and also get boring quick

I think i stand out because I play loads of modpacks and i understand most very well, i also always follow the rules, whether i like them or not.

I dont have any questions except when the server is going up


Thank you, and please let me join

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Minecraft Username:Teknically



Have you been banned from any server? If so, why? :nope

What is one of the rules?:No breaking rules, or rule bending

Why do you want to join?:I wanna play with people with a new modpack that I never played before

What makes you stand out?:nothing much just a guy who likes to play games and make friends

*Optional* Do you have any questions?: nope

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IGN: Zaenyea

AGE: 49


One of the rules is "No harassment, racism or anything similar or might fall into these catagories

I have not been banned from any server.

I enjoy playing on servers with good mods and good people.

There isn't much that makes me stand out honestly. I run my own server as well as play on several others. Im mature, creative, and enjoy making new friends.


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