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New to tekkit from FTB, have some questions

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Ok so I have some questions.


1) whats the best way to a mass resources? In ftb I generally went the UU mater rout but thats not in tekkie so I'm not sure what to do. I generally don't like quarrys because I have to re plant them :/. Ive heard (seen on some servers) some kind of device that gigantic and basicly cuts a path through the world eating everything up but I'm not sure how I would search for its design much less if its in this modpack. I "think" it used redpower but I"m not sure.


2) Any way to generate lots of XP? I'm currently in the "playing like vinila minecraft" stage, where I'm trying to find some damn dimands. Enchanments would help.


3) power? I'm thinking magmatic engines with endothermic pumps in the nether, pretty much a set up and forget senario (my favorite) but I'm wondering if there is another semi hands off method thats better.(currently I'm using oil)


4) Whats the best way to move mob spawners without a portal gun? I know there is the thing in minecraft reloaded but its a once use item that reqiures a nether star, I need lots of spawners for mob essance lol.




What are some other tips to get lots of stuff supper powered like. I miss the ars magica 2 stuff where I could mine a quarry sized area in a few min :/

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1. Unfortunately, QUARRIES. If you don't like them, get out of here. There is the extremely late-game laser drill, which, when given line-of-sight to bedrock or the void, spawns a random ore when its work meter fills. Its from MFR. If you could figure out some Computer Craft wizardry to do the same thing, more power to you.


2. Best way to generate XP? Capture a mob in a safari net, put it in a mob spawner (MFR machine) use a grinder (which also retrieves the drops) and use fluiducts to get mob essence into a tank, make a straw, place a bucket full of mob essence, and drink the source block by right-clicking. Of course, now I remember the mob spawner machine requires mob essence, so if you really want XP, make an animal auto-farmer with planter, harvester, breeder, chronotyper (to move the baby when cows breed) let it grow, and a grinder will kill it and retrieve XP and the drops.


3. Yes, magmatic engines in the Nether are a good nearly infinite power source, but if you want late-game amounts of power, its either Atomic Science reactors or Big Reactors reactors. P.S. The Ender Thermic pump may be missing from tekkit ATM.


4. The only way to actually move mob spawners (vanilla) in this modpack IS the MFR single-use porta-spawner, but a cheaper option DOES exist. Get a mob spawner (its an MFR machine) and feed it mob essence, and put a safari net with a mob captured in it. It will spawn infinite amounts of the mob. Automation bonus if you feed it with the mob essence from above cow (most efficient food source) system.

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I wrote a short progression guide >here, you may find it useful.

The others gave you most of the answers already. If you want a shortcut to diamonds, >EE3 may be helpful. Theoretically works without any diamonds to begin with, if you use Emeralds traded from villagers (for lower-grade resources like e.g. wheat and coal).

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1. Early game, manual searching and mining, quarries or turtles. You need some resources (including pink slimeballs) before you can go big reactor and laser drill (which fabricates ores from nothingness below bedrock).


2. Raise cattle as mentioned by LunaticMiner. The Grinder outputs beef, leather, and mob essence (and sewers give you more mob essence, but you also have to deal with the sewage or turn it into fertilizer). At some point you may want to use Slaughterhouse instead of Grinder for a while to get some pink slime (for making laser prechargers later).


3. Magmatic Dynamos are cheap power early on.  You can just go down around level 12 with portable tanks while looking for diamonds and bring back some lava. Ender Thermic pumps eventually reach their limit (even in the nether) and have to be relocated to get more lava. Big Reactors are a safe source of power.


4. Mob spawners can be moved using ME Spatial Storage. A little 2x2x2 setup is enough to store and relocate a spawner (I did that with skeleton spawner along with floor blocks under it). You just need to take a little ME network and power or teseract to where you want to relocate it. Admittedly that is not early game (requires some resources including lots of quartz). Note that an auto-spawner comsumes more mob essence than grinders around it recover, unless you slice and dice slime before grinding it.

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1) there are many creative ways to make tunnel bores or similar. I tend to use MFFS for moving things. force manipulators allow you to move structures.  you can combine this with any number of block breaking techniques such as block breakers, AE's ME transition planes, MFFS fields with the upgrades that make it break blocks and auto-output them to adjacent inventories, etc.  from personal experience, I recommend MFFS fields for the mining as well.  they're pretty easy on the server.


2)MFR animal farms, as others have said.


3) big reactors.  hands down your best option.  even a small reactor can provide the power of 10-20 magmatic dynamos, and yellowrite is EVERYWHERE.  additionally, you can reprocess the cyanite waste into usable fuel  at a 2:1 ratio.  big reactors is simply the best way to generate power once you have a decent amount of iron.


4) moving mob spawners isn't really all that worth it, IMO.  you can capture any mob you want in a reusable safari net and then use it with an autospawner from MFR to spawn as many of that mob as you want, provided you have the mob essence to do so.  with some kind of animal farm, you will have the essence.  cursed earth mentioned above is also a decent solution to spawning tons of mobs.

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