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Problem with Sphax Texturepack for AOBT


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HI there,

I changed the Texturepack from Default to Sphax AOBT Texturepack 128x128.

I tried to play Singleplayer, but when I click on "Play world" the client window closes and the the Technic Launcher appears again without any error message.

Can someone help me, because I'd like to play with that Texturepack.

My System:

MB: Asus P8Z68-V Pro/gen3

CPU: Intel i5 2500K

RAM: 20GB of Corsair Vengeance 1600MHz DDR3

GPU: Club 3D Radeon HD 6700

Drive: Corsair 60 GB SSD(AOBT is installed here)

          WD Caviar Black 1TB

PSU: bequiet! PurePower 720W Supply


I gave 15GB RAM to AOBT.



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1) we post all issues on the Tracker. Even though this is an issue you're causing yourself with a texturepack, post it on the Tracker anyway. That's what it was meant for!


2) 15GB allocated to minecraft will make it crash. This is not Skyrim, this is minecraft, it works a bit different than the other games you're familiar with.

Any and all modpacks require only 1-3 GB, not more nor less.


3) Don't sign your name on your post. I can see your name below the title topic and above your avatar.

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