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Very VERY much Lightnings


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I´ve got a big problem in my actual BigDig-World. There are a bunch of lightnings around my (wooden) house - it almost burnt down. No rain, no clouds, but lightning after lightning and they´ve not stopped yet. I have really no idea what that is, where it comes from, I beg to Notch it will stop somehow. I toke a video of it.



I really hope someone can explain it to me and tell me how to stop it because it is destroying my world. I have no other mods loaded than the big dig - pack, I got a windows-7 operation system and a patchwork-computer. Don´t know if it maybe has something to do with that, I´ve really no idea what is wrong with this world. These lightnings are only around my house, nowhere else. I got there a Nether portal, that doesn´t function right (when I travel back, i spawn a new portel like 150 meters away - happens sometimes in vanilla too, so I don´t believe it was the portal), I got this magic fire-stuff-skull, fire-sulfur-spiky-things like 30 meters away, a bunch of Forestry-trees, may be that?

Oh man, I have no idea, please help me or I will be the one beginning to believe in Herobrine... :(

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You mentioned forestry, I've heard of a certain bee species that can cause lightning.


There's also Thaumcraft, but I haven't delved in that mod anymore so I don't know what side-effects it can cause nowadays.


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