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Getting Started.


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Hello for all you Tekkit Players! This is a guide for new players :)




How i Add more Modpacks?:


Easy. Click Add More Modpacks thing search for a modpack



click on some modpack YOU WANT! you can get all modpacks you want!



Copy all that letters when you click OR click Copy




Then click on that mod Pack that has a + if you clicked copy you can copy the link or click paste with nothing to put


If you didnt click the Copy press C + V or if you dont know or understand click C and while clicking click V



How i get a account on forums?:



Very easy. Click On Register do your details then go to your email (yes the email that you putted Also fake emails will not work) and activate it is easy! JUST CLICK ON THE LINK then you can Sign In (Login)!





I put my minecraft username and its not working!:




Well. if it happens go on bug reports and report your bug if you did multiple times with your email or password and 2 times that same and it didnt work Go on bug reports and soon they will fix!


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