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Admin needs to clear out his mouth with soap

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Excuse me, I just went to view my thread and seen this:

I feel betrayed, you walked into our community and pissed in the well by shitposting everywhere, breaking the tables with a huge image, and not using the Bug Report. Maybe you'll learn to READ in a week!

This ban is set to expire May 02, 2012, 03:10:55 PM.

1) He feels betrayed at my first thread?...

2) I only posted one thread, so how I was shitposting everywhere?

3) I admit the image was abit large, but he could of warned me or deleted it from the thread.

4) I was upset at the time since I lost 1 week of work on my minecraft world only to have it ruined by 1 block.

Somebody explain why this piece of human excrement thinks he is a god?

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I kind of feel bad that he can't reply any more as seeing this kind of logic just breaks my mind. I'd say it might be useful for the other future to-be-banned users but I don't think they'd ever read this thread anyway

3) I admit the image was abit large' date=' but he could of warned me or deleted it from the thread.[/quote']Or you could have actually, you know, read the rules you agreed with when joining the forum?

I hope you know that forum block won't have any effect on your MC login so unless creating that thread took you a week I can't see how it was lost.

As opposed to you who thinks he can do anything he likes here and not get punished for it? Also, admins/moderators basically are god in sense that they have the right to do anything on the forums. It's not a democracy, it's pure dictatorship. If you don't like this you are free to not join the forums.
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I wouldn't liken mods/admins to gods. we're more the police/rulers. admins make the rules, mods enforce them. it's just that simple

And users then say nice things to the mods, because in the future they will shitpost, and they pray that they're universally liked enough for people to call the shit art, (even though it's just shit.)

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Thou shalt not worship the pretender gods! Taco_Dan, topple the golden statues to TMI. It doesn't work! Follow the word of the one called Jay?sus, who shalt walk among the people and cure the kellers.

I dont believe you. You follow the false mods!

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Pale imitator of the great and powerful Thor!

I agree. Whereas Thor simply swinged his hammer to cause lightning, Zeus had his made by a blacksmith god.

[Might need correction if im wrong.]

And Thor was a patron of the freemen, farmers and such. Zeus was simply a dictator.

Guess which god gets my vote?

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