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Need a goal to make playing fun


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Hello, Tekkit Community!


This is the first time I found out about this mod pack and installed it. But immediately I got overwhelmed by the content and need to find a reason to play.


In Vanilla Minecraft Survival, I survived, gathered materials, and built great stuff I enjoyed. But here I can see there are a lot more stuff I can do, and survival seems non important (having easy access to all possible items).


What are your motivations when playing with Tekkit?

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I mostly just try to do cool stuff.  I watch "lets play"s for ideas, or just scan through NEI for interesting looking blocks and then google them.  I like to automate things, but not without purpose.  Here was my progression for my current world:


Start the game.

Find a nice hill to put my house on.

Build a dirt hut on said hill, progress thru vanilla minecraft up to iron tools, a stack or so of coal for torches, and a fair bit of meat to eat.

Mine deeper, find a few diamonds, redstone, gold.

Fail to find diamonds.

Build thermal expansion machines in order to double ore yield.  For a very long time, I ran about 6 machines off 1 steam dynamo.  took a while to do things, but I just let it all smelt down while I was off mining, and I wasnt ready to upgrade my house past the 6x6 hut just yet.

Build equivalent exchange calcinator and aludel, made my first minium stone using 8x gold boots so that I could get diamonds from gold or iron.

Build a basic powersuit and tinker table, mainly for armor that doesn't take durability loss and fall protection on the boots.  Crank up the armor to the max.

Go to the nether, chicken out and make iron armor instead because I was scared of losing my new powersuit.  Needed glowstone, netherrack, and soul sand.

Upgrade powersuit with night vision goggles, misc tools and useful things.  backpack gains a lot more space.

Mine mine mine, gotta get the shiny.  May have some already from getting lucky on ferrous pulverizes, otherwise I prefer getting nether redstone -> cinnabar and using that.  Top priority = jetpack for the powersuit.  (this may be easier now that simply jetpacks is in tekkit)

Unlock jetpack, scour the nether for more shiny (and whatever other ores I want) so I can make some tesseracts.  Jetpack makes the nether easy.

Expand house, build better power solution (I opted for solar, using an outside mod to convert to RF).  Still didn't actually complete my house for a long time, just cleared out the area, built the outside walls, and made it spider-proof.

Make tesseracts, make quarry, set up quarry in a fairly remote location.  


At this point, I'm pretty well set up.  I can get whatever I need with little difficulty, so it's time to play around.


Upgrade the rest of my powersuit with whatever I want.


Notice out of control dimensional door rift area near my quarry.  Decide to go exploring dimensional dungeons in order to get the items to shut it down.  Also not very difficult with a jetpack, and long as you're careful.


Build storage solution.  I went first for logistics pipes because you can access them from anywhere, and added some ME a bit later for the super-condensed storage, as well as some auto-crafting capabilities that you can't do with logistics alone.


Build crafting solution.  Again, I went logistics pipes for this, and that is where all my on-demand crafting remains.


Build automated farming.  Previously I had just fenced in areas for wheat and cows, and manually farmed them.  Now, completely automated.  Opted to go without fertilizer, because I don't eat THAT much.


Build colored tree and sheep farm.  4 sheep of each color, laid out in a nice rainbow, and a tree of each color on a floating glass platform above.  Very much my style :)


Build a little more on the house.


Explore mystcraft.  Make ages, collect pages, make new and better ages.  If you get diamond ore, gold ore, or dense ores pages, be very happy.  I recently found a diamond page, and then decided to change the floor of my storage room to diamond blocks.  Just because.


Make a mining laser, discover just how much power it actually requires (omg), make a bunch more solar panels inside a solar-friendly mystcraft age (sun never sets), and they still can't fully power it.  Hmm... guess I'll have to go for some kind of reactor sometime soon.


Finish the house!  I finally have a roof!


And that's where I currently am.  Next stop for me:  finally going to the moon, and after that probably some kind of huge, awesome reactor.


PS: This wasn't my first tekkit world, so I had a pretty good idea what I was going for from the start.  And there's still plenty I haven't played around with yet and that I'm anxious to try!

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Here's some goals for you:


1. Build a full set of power armor and one another to keep in the base just in case.


2. Take a bath in every fluid that you encounter. Take a straw and drink it(!)


3. Build a 10x10 ender lily farm. With endstone of course(!)


4. Build a ME Network with extra cells that can hold 1 000 000 buckets of fluids. Fill it with lava.


5. Try a diamond block/ore mystcraft age......remember a linking book(!) Post pics of White Decay.


6. Build ten Laser Drills and power them constantly... Without energy circuits conduits.


7. Set an outpost in the Deep Dark. Post pics (!).


8. Take a journey through the Limbo. Take a selfie with Monoliths. Preferably 3 or more(!).


9. Transport a vanilla spawner near your base. Post pics.


10. Quarry the nether.... without a tesseract(!).


11. Post one selfie from every Galacticraft planet(!).


12. Post a pic of 8 stacks of cinnabar.


13. Post a pic of the nether top bedrock level.... from above(!).


14. Post a pic of the overworld bedrock level... from below(!).


All goals must be done in survival tekkit without any additional mods. NEI needs to be locked for recipe mode only.


Warning. The above goals can be dangerous and can decrease your inventory count and xp and teleport you to a bed.

Warning: Some of the goals (!) are very dangerous, can lead to death loop and can be only done by a skilled tekkiter with one year practice ore more.

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bochen415 has some pretty good goals for you to do. You can also try to make a FULLY automated smelting/ ore doubleing system using ME (or logistics pipes, but that's just confusing!). Make some MASSIVE storage using ME. Bring a moon man back to your house. Bring a villager to the moon..... then have him eaten. Make a space station and survive without oxygen tanks.

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The method I saw for breaking Bedrock was using a glitch in tree growth. There are guides describing the process on Youtube.

You can use an Ender Pearl at any time to just port through Bedrock, but that is only safe on top of the Nether. On the underside of Overworld of Nether, I imagine that a Jetpack or other means of not falling into the void is necessary.

Also not sure if a setting is required to allow block placement outside the regular world limits.

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The method for breaking through bedrock did require block placement beyond the bedrock.


No.... That's impossible. No.

Wait. Going in creative with a brief moments of survival.



Edit: No problem with getting above the top level of bedrock in survival and no problem with placing blocks with a standard tekkit install.


The 'under bedrock' thing is my mistake.. Dark oak trees were added in 1.7 so in standard tekkit there's no way to do it with saplings. Maybe there's some other way.


Edit: There is a way.

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But notice that I never posted anything about breaking bedrock in my list. I just want a pic with it... You can glitch through it and then take the screenshot. What happens after taking the pic is not a part of the list.


Edit: I've just copied my singleplayer world to a temp folder and tried number 14 from the list in a standard tekkit setup. It worked..... And now I'm stranded under bedrock... Ooops now I'm gone.


The main thing is the list so here's 14 (a little dark but doable in survival - you are going to die not long after taking the screenshoot):



Why didn't I check is it possible to place blocks here? I suspect it isn't. I had some dirt on me..

Well, back to the drawing board...

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you could use a linking book to get back to the surface without dieing ;)

Interesting. Two way trip under the bedrock.....


Lets all stay on topic.




When I searched the items and machines from tekkit I always landed on some FTB site. From there found out about direwolf20 and his adventures.

This was a milestone for me. Started tekkit and been playing ever since. Watched a ton of direwolf20 videos.

Now my first tekkit world is so changed by all those machines, the terrain is without any ores. Those times when I logged to my little island with all those trees and animals are gone for good but a nostalgic image will remain forever. Maybe I'll plant my forest from the start. Without any harvesters.....

Just gotta get some enchanted table, redstone and a safari net with a pig ;) and gonna go plant the damn forest... or create another grinder... Well I don't know what I'm gonna do next.

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Figure out how to use the technology in the game and you'll be good.  Figure out a mod at a time.  Find out how to use applied energeistics, then thermal expansion, then find out how to combine them.

This pack is by far my favorite pack. Just experiment with mods.  After this I didn't even touch vanilla.

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