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[1.0.12a]DieHardGaming[PvP][100 Slots][Factions, Citizens, ChestShop][Few Banned Items]

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A new "Attack of the B-Team" experience!
to DieHardGaming, a server that started off in Vanilla, but was slowly moved and rebuilt into the Attack of the B-Team modpack. We've been working on for over two months now, and we've just about finished everything to go public.

What features do we have? Well, Here's some of what we've got.

Factions (with faction chat, as well!)
Sign Banks
Refferals (Reffer friends to the server, and both of you earn rewards!)
And tons more!

We're always working on the server to make the best experience possible for players. Along with the nicest staff and community, this is a server you'd want to take a look at!

To see the list of our banned items, simply join the call and type /banneditems


Here are some snapshots of our spawn:



Spawn City's Town Hall, the main area in which players will spawn in.


A Partial bird's-eye-view of Spawn City.


Join us at: play.dhgrevived.com (NEW IP)


Hope to see you there!

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Our banned items list has grown further, and we have added a command to list all the banned items.






I also forgot to mention, we have a forum site!




And we're also working on DHG's main website, covering the staff bio, a ban management page, and some extra things we do now and then.



We try our best to keep the server balanced and enjoyable for both newbies and pros. With a simple economy and shops in spawn and the mall, we hope you enjoy the DHG experience.

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