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Tekkit Server Wont Load After Power Surge Last Night

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You are supposed to post issues on the tracker, but this one is trivial. From what I can see here, the error is (as usual) somewhere in Dimensional Doors, so you should try removing dimensional data.

As a rule, make frequent backups of your world save. Minecraft tends to fail ungracefully on crashes, and corrupted world files are very common.

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Thank both of you for this. I am going to try to delete Dimdoors mod data right now (its really buggy and whenever i find one of those special dungeons i crash the server) Sorry if this is in the wrong place, i'm sort of new to the whole technic thing. Thank you and i will post an update soon.

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This is one way to fix a broken world. It can take some time but it will probably fix your broken world.

In your case I would start with the Dimensional Doors mod.


You must remove the mods from  client and server.


Make a copy of your world and then remove one mod you know you have used from the folder "mods" and then start the game. If you can enter then you know that mod had a broken block in your world and now are gone. If you still can't enter the world then close the game and remove another mod you have used from the "mods" folder. Do so untill you can enter again the world again. The last mod you removed will be the one that had a broken block in your world.

Now copy back the backup world and move back all mods you had removed all but the one you know caused the problem. Now enter the world and all blocks from that mod will be gone. Save and exit the game and move back the last mod and now you should have a working game again. Just enter creative mode and create all the missing blocks and you are back.


in tekkit client and server folder you have a folder named "mods". In "mods" folder are all the mods.

If you for an example whant to remove the mod minefactory you move the file "minefactoryreloaded-2.7.8-482" out from "mods" folder. If you then start the game and enter the world all minefactory blocks will be removed and you cant create/build minefactory stuff. Stop the game and move back "minefactoryreloaded-2.7.8-482" to the "mods" folder and the minefactory mod will now be back when you start the game and enter the world all minefactory block will still be gone but now you can build/create new ones.

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