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"Update" to attack of the b-team....


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I already had a minecraft server before I started using attack of the b-team, but ofcourse, attack of the b-team is a lot better! I love it!

But I would like to "update" my old minecraft vanilla server to an attack of the b-team server, that way I still have all the cool stuff i've been working on for a long time.


Is this possible in some way?!


If absolutely not, is there a way to "copy" structures from the old server / parts of the old server into an attack of the b-team server??



Thanks in advance.

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A big issue you would have here is any area you've already generated won't have any of the added things from AoTB.

Exactly that - that means not many diamonds or emeralds in those areas you've been to and no mod resources at all (copper and tin in the overworld, ardite and cobalt in the nether etc).


It'll work fine, but you'll have to move to areas you've never been to if you want to find that stuff.  Like Daniel says, just shifting the world folder into the server folder should be enough.

  1. Run the b-team server, let it generate a world and do all the startup stuff
  2. Shut the server down
  3. Remove the WORLD folder it generated and put your vanilla WORLD folder in its place
  4. Restart the server, it should have all the same stuff as your vanilla minecraft had now (for better and for worse)
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Also, keep in mind that along with the same thought process of ores/etc missing (which btw there are some things that can be retrogened via the configs) is that the chunk edges would not match up at all, so you would have ugly chunk borders where new chunks were generated.

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