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Really need help, i am trying to connect to a server. I have got the ip right and have an internet connect, the port 25565 is throught my firewall and java and tecnic launcher, i have tried turning on and of my router and reinstalling voltz and the whole launcher.


Really Stumped


Thanks in advance



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Are you trying to connect to someone else's server or your own?  If it's yours, use the ip "localhost" instead of your numeric ip. If it's someone else's server, than it's either:

1. Offline

2. Not set up correctly

(btw You don't need to port forward to connect to someone else's server)

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Well it is online and working correctly cause some of my friends are playing on it when i try to connect


Thanks anyway


Edit this is not my server its someone elses

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There's a rare chance of security software is getting in the way. Disable it temporarily (google for instructions) then try again, if the issue is resolved, add the IP to the security softwares exception list (google for instructions).

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Also what error do you get when you try to connect? Sometimes if the server owner restarts the server that can fix connection issues as for some reason they like to reject select players for reasons beyond me

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It looks to me like you might be Typing in the Wrong Ip Address. I would first Check and make sure your typing it in correctly.

Also after the ip address you would type in  :25586  as the port, and make sure your not using semi colon, so it should look like


Visit my website and download

my pack, see if you can connect.

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