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Attack of the B-Team is offensive to people with weaker computers


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Like the title says, Attack of the B-Team is offensive to people with weaker computers. I cannot load worlds, only create them, the pack will not allow me to do anything, and crashes upon loading worlds. I will add the error I get every time and cannot be avoided. Please fix this horrible version of minecraft and allow it to be played by everyone. Oh, wait, because of this company not wanted to have problems distributed, I cannot post images. Thanks! That really helps your case!

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I doubt you'd need to spend $10,000 on a computer to run any Minecraft modpack.


Mine costed me $365, or so originally when I built it. It ran minecraft just fine back in the day. Upgraded since (so maybe $500 put into it total now) and its running minecraft 1.8 at a few hundred fps when im not recording. Definitely not a $10k+ computer lol.

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I agree, certainly dont need a 10k computer, I am running an off the shelf mac mini of all things and it was  bare bones model when I bought it. Granted I dont get hundreds of FPS but I do usual see at least 30 which is very playable. That comp when it came out cost me about $500


Would I like a faster game yes, do I currently want to spend the money, no, but that's my choice. 


Aside from the computer issue, there are many possible issue fixes available. I had some trouble with JAVA initially causing gaming issues, got those worked out with some help from here and things ran fine. I had some other minor issues durring version upgrades but again many people here had the same issues and they were quickly solved. I highly doubt its "a weak computer issue" if you have a machine built in the last 5 years as you say, and the graphics card meets the minimum requirements then I would tend to lean towards a conflicting programs issue or an incorrect version problem being the cause. 


In either of the cases posting the error log (which can be had as a text file) to the tracker would solve the issues (see post above mine for links) Images can be hosted at any number of free sites and then linked to here if you need to take screen shots, thou if you cant load the game not sure how a screen shot would help. 

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