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Any other "Technic Grandpas"??

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I was asking myself: How many other people here are older than 30? How did you come to technic and how do you play it?

Technic or tekkit? If tekkit: With friends or with your wife and kids?

So if...

- you always place your bed near the bathroom

- you think the greatest thing about frames is that you can now build an elevator, so you don't have to climb stairs anymore

- firing a musket reminds you of the good old times

- you are pissed because the goggles of revealing don't have diopters

- the first time you saw an ender dragon you asked: "Hey honey, what are we going to have for dinner?"

- you tried to macerate bread to feed it to those cute mo creatures ducks

- you're desperately trying to make viagra in your brewing stand

... then this thread is for you!

Me I'm 32, I found the pcgamer demo somewhere and was immediately addicted to MC, I bought it as soon as the 90 minutes ran out

(I think it was around beta 1.7.3) and began already in vanilla to automate farms with pistons and water etc., so technic was the next logic step.

Today I`m barely able to play any other games, I couldn't even finish Skyrim.

I play exclusively SSP, and my main focus is to automate everything as far as possible, preferrably using many different mods together.

Sow how about you, fellow geezers?

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I'm 23, and have two groups of friends. A group of old farts, who make fun of me for not remembering the day that radios first went on sale to the public, and a group of snotnosed little teenagers who think im old because i've been around long enough to remember shit like tiny toons, and phones with cords.

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When I was 17 in the sixth form at school we a special computer room. It had a single terminal, bigger than you're average microwave today. It didn't have a screen you typed programs that were printed on hard copy and the program was actually run at the university 15 miles down the road. We were considered very lucky to have it as well.

A few years later I was working on military avionic systems that could literally drop a bomb in a bucket, by the time I left at age 40 my unit was trialling equipment for the Eurofighter Typhoon with helmet mounted sights and the ability for the pilot to look over his shoulder and target another aircraft to the side of him and for the missile to come off the rail and turn 90 degrees to engage.

Yep things move on. I don't just remember rotary dials, I remember exchanges not being able to handle the demand and people sharing lines.

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