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Enderchests being introduced in new MC snapshot

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Or spawned a nasty next to them.

That would be neat, except for the possibilities for abuse. just stick an enderchest somewhere that mobs can't get to you from, spamclick, and behold your mutant army of endermen getting ready to dissasemble the local landscape.

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Just mod a dispenser to look like a chest and set it up to activate when clicked with a never ending supply of mob eggs.

I can see the new ender chests being a pain for server operators as I bet they will have the same issues as EE bags. Where the inventories are tied to a player making it very hard for the server operator to look inside another players chests to spot a cheater.

On the other hand this also adds the benefit of acting as a personal safe to store all your valuables from prying eyes while allowing you to access it anywhere. Which is far better then the personal safes in IC2 and would work on servers with out EE enabled.

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I don't see that as a benefit. There are plenty of plugins that allow you to lock chests, but introducing a chest that you don't even need to lock into the main game breaks anarchy/raid servers.

Well at least griefers and hackers that use X-Ray won't steal your stuff. I get annoyed by people who use X-Ray to find my hidden chests.

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