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ME system destroying items?


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Hello guys,


I noticed that my ME system is stealing/destroying/hidding items.. also, storage monitor panels aren't being refreshed if there's nothing going on in the ME network. Is this a known bug or am I doing something wrong? Also, if I didn't post in the right section, I apologize for that. :/


thanks in advance!

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What kind of storage are you using? ME's own storage cards or external stuff attached by buses/interfaces?

I never heard of an ME network eating items, so maybe this is happening somewhere at the edge of the network, where it interacts with blocks from other mods.


For instance, I know of a bug with filling vanilla Hoppers from an ME network, where items will be drained quickly and effectively destroyed once the Hopper is full. Should be fixed with 1.7.10, so nobody seems to bother fixing it for the current version.

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It has enough power..

And yes I'm pretty sure it destroyed/hid/stole some items. (Atm I use 6x 4K storage, and they're not full)

Ow and.. taking items from first two storage monitor panels doesn't work (added the matrix)

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Did it now.. Hopefully no more stuff gets lost. Ow and btw. what's with the storage monitors? Am I doing something wrong or are they just bugged? (right clicking doesn't drop the item)

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This IDK. They were bugged for me too. I didn't pursuit that issue.


Edit: if you still experience item loss get rid of the BC pipes. Do this with itemducts only.


Edit2: I just remembered - using the blocks form AE and sticking them all together without a fluix cable (or similar) isn't a good idea.

Their priorities and the path from block A to block B is going to be random.

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