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    planetguy reacted to Soupa in Tekkit (fan?) Art   
    Holy crap I drew a background.

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    planetguy reacted to Neowulf in Kerbal Space Program   
    50 ton aerodynamic probe cores released from orbital stations.
    Oh the fun of riding a kinetic kill missile all the way to target. Of course it would be named Mjolnir.
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    planetguy reacted to Soupa in Welcome to Skeleton Hell 2K14   
    It's almost the first of Halloween.

    2 spooky 4 me.

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    planetguy reacted to Kalbintion in Minecraft sold to Microsoft.   
    Here's my thoughts on this entire thing summed up into three tweets:

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    planetguy reacted to Nitus in Minecraft sold to Microsoft.   
    I'm pretty sure they are gonna kidnap Creeper Babies and sell them to the Steve Market. That's a great way of making Minecraft $.
    ...what the fuck was in that drink I took?
    Anyways, it's to early to start running around like headless chickens. Whatever happens, happens, and we can't do anything yet but wait. And I'm sure that if (and this is a big if) Microsoft bring down the blade onto our necks, then the Technic team, the Forge team, the modding guys in general, are more than skilled enough to deliver us new things (maybe a new game *hint hint*).
    Let me end this with a wonderfull quote that has been in my "Quotes ready to use" list for a long time:
    "We will not go quietly into the night!
    We will not vanish without a fight!
    We're going to live on! We're going to survive!"
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    planetguy reacted to Dvarvaro in "Sticks & Starships": an upcoming voxel game with some links to FTB / Tekkit   
    Hi Everyone!

    This is Dvarvaro, one of the creators of "Sticks & Starships".

    Sticks & Starships is an voxel game currently in development in C++ which we feel addresses some of what we feel is the previously unrealized potential of this powerful medium. The game offers a tech tree and story of baroque complexity. The player will take control of a primitive tribal race from a first person perspective, and follow them through many stages of varied technological development. The player will experience the classical age, where they will practice metallurgy, alchemy, masonry, millwork, and several other crafts, as they explore a vast world mapped to a globe 16 kilometers across the equator, and over a kilometer in depth. They will cultivate a vast industrial culture, with needs such as power generation, transmission, and storage, materials refinement, materials acquisition, and transportation. This industrial culture will further develop into a space-faring race, as the player manufactures vast interplanetary missions, and mines and transports resources across many worlds. Finally, the player will join the galaxy full of warp-capable interstellar species, as they sail out in vast starships!

    Some of our influences are Kerbal Space Program, Terraria, Star Trek, and the FTB and Tekkit family of mods. We felt that the concepts of the latter in particular were strong enough that they ought to be developed in refinement in an engine dedicated to them. We seek to capture the spirit of those great mods, while offering an entirely new experience!

    Currently, we have been in development for around 8 months, and we are approaching our first public demo in 3-4 months; our funding session will follow shortly after the demo. The work you will see presented was produced using the Unity Engine as a design tool. Our demo and alpha will be presented through our in-house engine.

    You can check out our current progress at our homepage here:


    Our forums, which recently opened for discussion, are:

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    planetguy reacted to Soupa in Tekkit (fan?) Art   
    Sorry about not posting lately.
    I've been working on my IWB (investigation work book) for IB art.
    I have to do three pages a week.
    It's been two weeks and I've done 32.
    I'll post some pictures from it later.
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    planetguy got a reaction from FCPWiz in Looking for Mod Suggestions!   
    BluePower has a crash, but for now you have to add this to your mods folder as a work-around. A 1.7-compatible ComputerCraft (1.64pr4) is available  from the "beta testing" thread in their forums.
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    planetguy got a reaction from FCPWiz in Looking for Mod Suggestions!   
    First of all, my suggestions are my own opinions - while I'd build a pack like this, it
    A few mods I personally am fond of are:
    -Bluepower: An excellent item management system, based on RedPower's. RP itself has been dead since Minecraft 1.4, but I still miss its tubes.
    -Remain in Motion: Allows moving blocks. Combined with block breakers and placers (you have several in your pack already) they allow replacing most magic blocks with contraptions you build yourself. (Disclaimer: I develop it, so I'm not exactly an impartial commentator.)
    -ComputerCraft and/or OpenComputers, and add-ons: Add Lua-based computers to Minecraft, allowing complex logic to be implemented in single blocks.
    Some other suggestions:
    -ProjectRed and RedLogic (and BluePower, if you add it) all serve much the same purpose - to replace RedPower. Although they each are different, you could probably trim down the pack quite a bit by using only one.
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    planetguy reacted to disconsented in ANSSRPG - Open Source Player Progression. Build your own RPG!   
    What it is:

    ANSSRPG is a mod for Minecraft Forge that provides players, modpackers and server admins the ability to develop their own unique RPG system with player progression without any programming knowledge needed.

    How it works:

    ANSSRPG boils down to two fundamental concepts.

    Primarily used to award a player with experience for doing things. For example you can create a 'Mining' skill that provides players with experience for mining ores. For example Iron Ore for 5 experience and Diamond Ore for 50 experience. Skills follow a few preset types but can be combined to create compound skills. All skills have a failure state which allows progression to be handled via the mod (a 'digging' skill will not allow a player to mine a block).

    Perks come in two flavours: Unlocks and Effects.

    Unlock Perks allow failure states to be represented. If a perk if present and the player does not have it they will trigger the failure state, if they do have it however the failure state will not be triggered. If there are no unlock perks defined for 'x' then there will not be a failure state for it.

    Effect Perks allow for effects (potion effects at this time) to be applied to players among other things.
    [Config and usage guide]
    Downloads can be found through CurseForge or Github releases.
    This mod is licensed under MIT so do what you want with it.

    How to report a issue or get help
    Read the wiki and other resources for the mod. Read: How to report a bug. Using a service like Hastebin (no Dropbox) please upload:Any crash reports. Console logs (both server.log and forge mod loader(fml) logs). All Config files . Create a github issue with the following information:  
    Description of the issue:  
    Steps to reproduce it (How do I make this happen?): Steps taken to resolve it (Did I fix it? If so, How?): The uploaded logs from step 3. NOTE: If you're looking for help via IRC read this.

    After reading that, you can find me in #disconsented on the Espernet IRC.
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    planetguy reacted to Niverton in Let's test Tekkit 1.2.10c beta!   
    I think starting to test a MC 1.7.10 version of tekkit would be better than working on another 1.6 update, many mods are updated now
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    planetguy reacted to disconsented in ANSSRPG - Open Source Player Progression. Build your own RPG!   
    Progress on the gui
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    planetguy reacted to Soupa in Tekkit (fan?) Art   
    Welcome to 1.8!

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    planetguy reacted to Curunir in Removing IC2 and RP3 wasn't fully compensated   
    You're bringing up some worthwhile points, so let's try some more on-topic.
    The basic question here somewhat revolves around what a game is.
    Is your generic console shooter with heavy scripting, cutscenes, tube levels and (if you're lucky) two different possible endings a game? Most would call it that. Now, is Minecraft a game? It's certainly extremely different from aforementioned console shooter. Being what is commonly called a "sandbox (game)" now, there is no clear-cut progression as in the scripted prison that is a console shooter. Of course, the lack of freedom has its merits. It allows designers to deliver a narrative, and get it across with methods invented for movies or television. We tend to expect being led by a leash there.
    Compare the freedom of Minecraft. Even when not in Creative, you can basically ignore most "rules". You probably should punch wood and build a shelter, but you don't have to. You could take a vow to never break a block, and see how far you get with this. You could try never fighting, just using tamed wolves as your personal bodyguard. The options are overwhelming, and many people love Minecraft (and other sandbox games) just because of this.
    Now, why did I make that excursion? A mod adds blocks to Minecraft. The author probably had some ideas on how to use them, but players will most likely surprise him with the ways they end up using them. Did Pahimar think about fully-automated diamond factories when he wrote the code for the Minium Stone? Probably not, but together with Thermal Expansion and other mods, these factories were built.
    Which leads to the real key point: Mod interaction. A modpack is in the favourable position to combine several mods and allow players to find synergies and cool cross-uses for them. Most of the long-term fun in Tekkit comes from that. Thermal Expansion is great, but without Extra Utilities, Minefactory Reloaded and even BigReactors, it would be entertaining for a few days before it turns stale.
    IndustrialCraft tried more than other mods to be its own game inside the game. It brought a broad range of power generators, along with machines that needed the power, and the wiring to connect both. It had its own (freedom-limiting) progression through its internal tech tree, which was made rather well as game design goes, but not without its quirks and pitfalls.
    That completionism came with a price. When the time came to overhaul everything and migrate it to a new Minecraft version, nobody was able or willing to do it. Even the somewhat-alive new IC version that still exists has a very tentative status.
    What really came together in the meantime was teamwork. Based on Chicken_Bones' excellent groundwork with Forge, mods have begun to work together in a way that I had not thought possible. I'm not a coder, but I know enough of them to know that organizing them is like herding cats. Expecting them to self-organize without a dictator (project manager) overseeing them is brave at best. And yet, things work out more often than not. Of course these mods will not offer a well-designed structure and progression path like old integrative IndustrialCraft did. They are different mods, and cooperation between them has its limits. But they all work. The tools may be a bit littered around the sandbox, not neatly arranged, but does that really hold us back?
    Half the fun is in finding out how things work, and the other half in giving shape to your ideas, especially the crazy ones.
    I know that all this can be overwhelming (as can a wall of text, so I'll stop now). Maybe you will find my >newbie guide useful, which offers a first progression, to empower new players to make their own decisions.
    Have fun in the sandbox.
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    planetguy reacted to Celt the Fiestarter in I will make your skin shaded   
    I can make your skin shaded if you give me permissions and your skin. I will show an example of a slightly edited steve...

    Estimated time: 5-10 Minutes   
    Requests must have skin, everything extra (optional), and you must not yell at me for stealing your skin when using.
    If you want to be PMed when your skin is done please notify me 
    Skins done: 0
    Since i have almost no rights to your skin, the edited ones are free to use
    All skins requested will be shaded 
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    planetguy reacted to disconsented in ANSSRPG - Open Source Player Progression. Build your own RPG!   
    Programmed by hand (Still needs a ton of work)
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    planetguy reacted to Munaus in I CAN'T FIND PLATFORM PAGODA HELP ASAP   
    It is a pure mystery... this invicible "Platform Pagoda", so sinisterly hidden for users that nobody can find it.

    Shall we put up neon lights and big boobed ladies so little kiddies like you can find your way?
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    planetguy reacted to dwwojcik in Moonbase Commander   
    I redeemed my code on gog.com and never installed it, I feel bad now. I'll get around to playing it with you guys, promise.
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    planetguy got a reaction from disconsented in Putting Modpack on server ERROR   
    MCPC+ no longer downloads all the libraries it needs, only the ones from Mojang. Get the rest from plowmanplow's link.
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    planetguy got a reaction from TheBytemaster in Moonbase Commander   
    Anyone up for a match some time?
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    planetguy reacted to lperkins2 in [1.7.10] Remain in Motion - Continuation of Redstone in Motion   
    Okay, so for anyone having problems as noted above (From the outdated ReflectionObfuscated.class file in the 1.7.2 download, I've placed a patched version of that file here: http://alestan.publicvm.com/bin/ReflectionObfuscated.class.  You can get the patched jar here: http://alestan.publicvm.com/bin/RemainInMotion-2.0.1.jar
    Place ReflectionObfuscated.class in the jar in me/planetguy/remaininmotion/util
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    planetguy reacted to disconsented in ANSSRPG - Open Source Player Progression. Build your own RPG!   
    So feedback, comments, concerns, bugs or features? The input I receive here is going to determine if I continue to work on the project (No point doing it if there isn’t any interest).

    For a better explanation for my plans on this mod: https://github.com/disconsented/ANSSRPG/blob/master/README.md
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    planetguy reacted to Soupa in Tekkit (fan?) Art   
    I became an admin on a server

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    planetguy reacted to masterzh in E.R.A.M. (Experimental Research Assembly Manufacture) corporation   
    I am proud to present you very rare thing, based on my decision to keep most of it for machinima. First ever showcase of offensive/defensive E.R.A.M. force. Keep in mind its still early WIP. There are few facts which are not clear from vid so i am going right on them.   Obviously i was heavily inspired by Oblivion(2013). Main idea was to create drone with pop-up weapons as small as possible with external hull. Even that my main weapons are clearly aesthetic there is still space to put something else there. 2 blocks of space on each side directly controlled by redstone rods. Drone can rotate thanks to pistronics advanced rotator however as i had not enough space you can only turn it 1 way around. Of course we are speaking about wireless control rotation as you can manually switch rotation directly anytime. Slopes will get messed up if you rotate drone but it may be fixed in future versions of pistronics. Drone can move in any direction thanks to Remain in Motion template carriage and computer controller. Which is hooked with CC turtle. Internal logic is done by RedNet cables from MFR. Searchlights are actually Greg's RS floodlights. MFFS forcefield will be charged at drone station automatically. Thrusters are only aesthetic. Mood indicator is lamp without any practical purpose right now. Front scanner is yet another laser. (aesthetic) Teleporter is carriage translocator from RIM. Drone will be controlled by CC program however dont expect any player-vs-drone fights. It will move and it will be able to get home. I already made some changes to my drone after releasing this video. This is middle-class drone. Not the biggest or smallest one. Drone control station is already in production. Video took me 4hours to record-edit-upload. Great god look at it! <3 Whats the biggest success of this build you ask? Well try to include everything i just listed in something smaller and still aesthetically pleasing. Common guys 5x5x6!   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VSM1eiMwYCM
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    planetguy reacted to Andrey73 in [1.7.10] Remain in Motion - Continuation of Redstone in Motion   
    java.lang.RuntimeException: Could not access field addedTileEntityList: NoSuchFieldException at me.planetguy.remaininmotion.util.Reflection.getImpl(Reflection.java:115) at me.planetguy.remaininmotion.util.Reflection.get(Reflection.java:90) Maybe need to add the line "map("addedTileEntityList", "field_147484_a");" in ReflectionObfuscated.java?
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