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  1. we've actually implemented a little countermeasures for this recently. as far as our official packs go, the mirrors hosting them will not work without a valid MC login token now. when it comes to platform packs, there's really little that we can do for the reasons neowulf already stated. so we do what we can, where we can but it's not a battle that will ever be won and we know this.
  2. update computercraft to the latest version. you're at least 5 versions behind, which probably means it's for the wrong MC version.
  3. we're sorry we didn't enforce your whims on the entirety of internet accessible humanity. further, we deeply apologize that you had to suffer through the conflicting opinions of others as we realize that it is very rude for people to have opinions that differ from your own. we'd like to assure you that those people have been assigned to re-education camps and will now recognize the importance, brilliance, and indisputable correctness of all your opinions and thoughts going forward. again, we would like to apologize to you, OP, for offending the one person who is clearly the most importa
  4. you would have to really gut railcraft to remove automation options completely. you'd be surprised what you can do with redstone and railcraft alone.
  5. not many mods offer it. drums are disabled by default because they are mind-blowingly good for their cost. you're free to enable them in the configs if you want though, nothing's wrong with that.
  6. news flash for OP: no one is flooding anything in this thread, you're simply being disagreed with. additionally, yogbox is not going to be updated. if you want it updated, do it yourself and put it up on the platform. maybe other people are also wanting to play a pack like that, who knows.
  7. it's disabled by default in tekkit
  8. again, forget about pagefile and only deal with physical ram. 3-4 gigs should be sufficient. only raise it higher if you start seeing a need for it.
  9. the page file will be getting some use pretty much regardless of what you do, but that is unrelated to the server. windows puts stuff in there all the time for all kinds of reasons. I wouldn't focus on it too much.
  10. gonna add to the chorus of "this isn't as great an idea as you think". the only reason it's "working" is because of how java actually handles memory. basically, you're getting lucky without knowing it, which won't last forever.
  11. either the server you're trying to connect to is not running tekkit, you're launching one of the older tekkit versions (tekkit lite, tekkit classic) instead of actual tekkit, or it's the other way around and the server is running an old version of tekkit while you're connecting with a newer one. double check the server you're trying to play on to make sure you're using the right pack. make sure the pack you're using matches the server exactly.
  12. I'm an excellent actor.
  13. I'm never happy. I max out at "complacent"
  14. try lowering the ram a notch. also, if 1GB is the limit that means you've got a 32-bit CPU. unfortunately you're going to run into issues running most modern modpacks without a 64-bit CPU. there isn't really any way around this limitation
  15. KL did not like some of the changes made to the BC MJ system. the one particular change that I know of is the fact that machines which consume MJ must always be consuming some amount, regardless of whether or not they're doing anything. from what I understand, the API for consuming MJ power became unwieldy for this and a few other reasons. that is why conduits can convert RF to MJ on the fly, but not the other way around.
  16. because you could, for instance, move your entire base somewhere else very quickly. it might also be an interesting way to protect your belongings if you stored your base or an important area of it and logged off the server with the storage on in your inventory, essentially making it impossible to raid or even find anything contained in that area.
  17. if bandwidth is a problem (i.e. when clients update, it takes a long time to download) you basically need to find a faster host for your pack. there are lots of really cheap web hosting services that will give you plenty of speed for only a few dollars a month if all you need/want is simple file hosting. 10-20 will get you good hosting that could even support solder if you wanted. basically, find a better web host. don't use dropbox if you want speed. for that matter, anything free is most likely not going to be fast.
  18. sct is probably working on it. if I had to guess, it's not a high priority though.
  19. titles can be updated if you click "use full editor" after clicking edit on your OP. I've removed the old thread.
  20. options.txt in your modpack's directory. so for instance it'd be in <technic launcher dir>tekkitmain for tekkit. I can't recall the directory name that B-team uses (might just be "bteam") but it'll be in there.
  21. you aren't funny. keep it up and find out what happens to people who have no idea what "comedy" means. also, don't sign your posts. it's against the rules.
  22. what is this? am I missing something here that makes this anything other than a 9 year old's idea of funny? don't quit your day job, OP. edit: after doing some research, this guy is trying to hop on a bandwagon that left over 6 months ago, talking about some dude who got banned and whaleboxed in early july of last year. check the dates next time, captain comedy.
  23. permgen size is increased automatically now. as for increasing your ram usage, if you're unable to go over 1 gig, you're running the game with 32-bit java. if you do not have a 32-bit CPU, download and install 64-bit java. if you do have a 32-bit CPU, that is the limit and you're kinda out cheddar.
  24. not all the updates wipe out keybinds, however you are right that some do (and recent ones have). unfortunately this is usually unavoidable when it happens due to the nature of the game and mods. if you would like to save yourself some hassle, backup your keybinds file after you've customized it to your liking so that if another wipe occurs, you can simply drop in the backup and be on your way.
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