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  1. we have a whole section devoted to attack of the B team, I suggest you ask over there. you're more likely to get a reasonable answer.
  2. nothing is stopping you from using the vanilla launcher for vanilla minecraft.
  3. if the launcher is only letting you use 1 gig, it means you are using 32-bit java to run the game/launcher. from the sounds of it, you most likely have a 64-bit machine so you will need to install 64-bit java in order to fix the problem.
  4. why yes, [redacted] curse [redacted] will probably [redacted] rule. [redacted] plebs. [redacted]
  5. I've been that "mature" kid in the past. here's a secret though: I wasn't really very mature. I was playing grown up, which is kind of like being mature but without all the life experience to back it up. were I to run a PUBLIC server (which I don't and won't for many reasons), I would certainly institute an age floor. you can complain that it's "unfair" if you want. you can wax poetic about how someone has to teach these impressionable young skulls full of mush how to behave, but the problem is that I shouldn't have to be that guy. you want to know who's supposed to teach them how to be
  6. you can simply remove those mods from the mods folder for that pack. this will prevent you from joining servers running the pack though, so just be aware of that. also, keep in mind that you can't remove just bits and pieces of a given mod like this. for instance, in your example with bees forestry is the mod that adds the bees, but it also adds farms and various other things. unless the mod is setup as multiple modules, like project red or buildcraft, it's not possible pick and choose with this method. another option would be to just leave the mod in and not mess with whatever face
  7. do you feel better now? yes? good, because I'm about to fix that. take a second and consider the kind of person who would post "help meh" type threads in off-topic. they've already ignored basically all the text on the page, scrolled past the bug tracker, general technic sections, etc. and ignored global announcement posts in order to decide that here is the place to cry out for help. this person is probably young and/or very computer illiterate. they most likely have no idea how the internet in general works, or how forums are generally structured. you expect a post that would on
  8. none of the official packs are on 1.7.x minecraft versions, because most of the mods aren't updated to 1.7 yet. the easy fix for this would be to delete or move the "mods" and "config" folders from your server's folder and replace them with the ones found in this zip. if you've made config modifications to your server, you can try with only removing/replacing the "mods" folder first.
  9. the fact is that most people just want to play them some minecraft. most of the activity on these forums is on the bug trackers, because in general people only come here when shit's broken. I don't think that's a terrible thing, really.
  10. on the whole, the amount of spam we get is pretty small. it's also reported quickly usually and deleted swiftly as well. you may not enjoy the occasional cheap ugg boot, but the system we have in place right now is working pretty well IMO.
  11. if you're running a 32-bit CPU/OS, there is little that you can do unfortunately. mods nowadays are pretty much geared towards 64-bit environments and 2 gigs of ram. there's just no getting around it. the only way to avoid these issues is to play a pack that doesn't have a large number of mods. the exact number would depend on which mods were in it though. it'd be hard to predict how it would work without trial and error.
  12. tekkit has a lot of what you're looking for. probably the one thing it doesn't have that you mentioned is a lot of additional biomes and agriculture focused mods. there are plenty of things to farm, but nothing like biomes o plenty is in it. on the other hand, it has all the techy stuff you could possibly want. there are a few things in it that could be more "pvp" type things, but they are either totally ignorable, or have some uses outside of that. hexxit is very much adventure focused, so probably not what you're looking for. attack of the B-team has a lot of neat stuff in it
  13. it wants a side in that slot. not 100% sure why though. in my little script I just gave it the side the peripheral was on ("bottom" in this case). seems to work fine.
  14. you shall not pass

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      but I NEED to go to the bathroom!

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      No Munas, you WANT to go to the bathroom.

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  15. once you've logged on once on a given machine, offline mode should be available when no internet connection is found. there isn't a way to activate it without logging on at least once first.
  16. open peripherals is part of tekkit IIRC, which means you can access things like TE energy cells directly as peripherals. just did this the other day myself to control turning my big reactors reactor on/off when needed.
  17. he's saying that if you're going to argue, he's not going to bother trying to help you. by saying "it isn't going to help because..." you're implying that you do have some idea what's going on and assuming things about how everything is working. troubleshooting without complete information is a fruitless endeavor.
  18. you need to have bought the game for the launcher to work.
  19. easiest solution if you're wanting bukkit functionality as well: just grab the most recent MCPC+ version for 1.6.4 and use that as the server jar. it comes with forge and bukkit support, no extra fiddling needed. edit: also, don't sign your posts
  20. wow, I guess it didn't take long for the cracked versions to work around the changes we made to the file mirrors. it figures, I guess.
  21. Original Poster. the person who made the initial post in the thread. that's you, p0pdr0p.
  22. just download and run the technic launcher, select your pack on the left, and click play.
  23. OP, I'm going to be merciful and be real with you for a minute instead of being overly sarcastic. stop. stop posting in this thread, and go focus on making your pack. when you have something put together that you like, come back and make a new thread in the appropriate section with the understanding that not everyone is required to love or even like what you have made and that is totally ok. you'll feel a lot better about yourself and life will be much easier that way.
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