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  1. 1) there are many creative ways to make tunnel bores or similar. I tend to use MFFS for moving things. force manipulators allow you to move structures. you can combine this with any number of block breaking techniques such as block breakers, AE's ME transition planes, MFFS fields with the upgrades that make it break blocks and auto-output them to adjacent inventories, etc. from personal experience, I recommend MFFS fields for the mining as well. they're pretty easy on the server. 2)MFR animal farms, as others have said. 3) big reactors. hands down your best option. even a small re
  2. I picked this up last month. it's pretty neat, but I usually end up getting discouraged part-way in when I realize my whole factory setup is inherently fucked due to some issue with how I designed it and that I would have to somehow redesign everything to continue expanding. I do like it though and I am looking forward to future updates.
  3. you're on a mac I assume. enter full screen mode with command+f11 or the fullscreen option in the video options.
  4. gonna lock this up since it's resolved. in the future, use the issue tracker for technical support. it's far nicer and more useful for this sort of thing
  5. it's not your firewall, it's your hosting. dropbox is a pretty bad place to host things like modpacks. regardless, questions like this belong in the platform pagoda.
  6. no, you just came here to ignore the rules and then get huffy when they are enforced, clearly. do you hear that sound? that's the sound of the world's smallest violin playing "hearts and flowers", just for you.
  7. using a PRC from MFR actually. accomplishes the same thing, though.
  8. MFFS force manipulators move the whole thing. I have an ME controller fed by a tesseract. the controller is connected to the wall of panels via a single piece of dark ME cable. when the system is "on" the cable is active and the planes function. all items are placed into an enderchest via a storage bus. I have a Mk3 extractor from logistics pipes in my base hooked up to this chest, which sends all the items to my main ME network for storage/processing. currently it moves every 10 seconds or so. the only real problem is that it doesn't like liquids it turns out. there's also the minor is
  9. with my first turbine, I was able to disconnect the water supply and it worked like you are describing. however, when I added my second turbine, it refuses to send the steam back to the reactor, forcing me to keep it supplied with water. the ender in the reactor is still important for efficiency. basically, the amount of steam you make is directly related to the amount of RF you would have made if it wasn't a steam producing reactor. obviously, the fluid/blocks in the reactor are important for that and thus important for steam gen as well. for mining, I've used multiple solutions ov
  10. your example is correct, that's how the chart works. as for your questions: 1 turbine shaft per "room" max size is 16x16x16 I believe, the ones I've built have been 9x9x16 IIRC. as far as outputting enough steam, TBH I'm not sure. the reactor designs are a bit more complicated because you have a lot more freedom with them. personally I just built a fuck-off huge reactor with 2 2x2 fuel rod groups and 1 block of space between the rod groups as well as 1 block of space between the rods and the walls. the result was a reactor that I still only use 30% of with 2 turbines. you could say
  11. this is the table I used to build the turbines I have in my world, so yeah I understand it. took me a while though. here's what you need to know: firstly, ignore the 1st tab of this sheet. the second tab is what you need. secondly, on the second tab, it's broken down by material type. the turbine is made up of 2 major parts, the blades and the coils. the coils are not a special block, (I was super confused about this initially) the coils are normal blocks of metal like iron, gold, diamond, electrum, etc. placed in a ring around the turbine shaft. so 1 coil = 8 blocks of some meta
  12. well, if NEI is present you can toggle creative mode by click the "C" icon in the upper left when you open your inventory. if you don't see anything like that, try hitting the o key. if doing that does nothing, you're somewhat stuck. I'm pretty sure it should have it installed though, most packs did even back then I think.
  13. you don't have those options because yogbox is very old and runs on a much older version of minecraft. I can't even remember if NEI is included in it, but if it is you can use that to enter creative mode.
  14. early beta I believe. just a bit before survival multiplayer was a thing.
  15. if you're using dropbox (I haven't checked), this is common. free accounts have a pretty low bandwidth limit before they start preventing direct downloads, which is what the launcher needs to work.
  16. the only conceivable reason for choosing XP over a more recent OS like 7, or even 8 for that matter, that I can come up with would be for use as a honeypot machine to attract malware and other nasties on purpose. from a technical standpoint, 7 is literally better in every measurable way. under the hood, 7 is faster and more efficient than XP. that was one of the main selling points of the OS when it launched. I did some digging around to find some xp vs 7 comparisons and as far as I can tell, 7 is only worse when it comes to startup times overall. even then, it is merely slightly slower t
  17. ok, let me give this one more shot. if you want help: we need more than generic "it's broken" posts. we need specifics, what exactly is wrong? what are you trying to do SPECIFICALLY? are there any crash logs? if so, post them. if you want sympathy: just keep doing what you're doing.
  18. depending on what the issue is, your hosting provider might be the one you should be talking to. however, without anything other than "I'm having a hard time" to go on it's impossible to divine where the problem lies.
  19. "unhelpful" does not mean "not giving me the exact answer I wanted, no matter how unreasonable". we aren't going to a) divine your school's laptop imaging and management setup and then tell you how to break it. additionally, updating vanilla in the launcher isn't a high priority because generally, if you're using the launcher you want to play with mods. sorry but it'll be updated when it's updated.
  20. for the guy saying XP is great, XP is now 100% swiss cheese in terms of security. it's no longer supported by MS in terms of updates, and is eclipsed in basically every way by 7. if you want low resource usage, I hear OS/2 is AMAZING! why stop there though? MS-DOS is pretty sweet, but you might have a hard time getting java to run. might have to use EMM.
  21. there's also the 250k items needed to make AE singularities in a compressor, which are used to link 2 AE systems wirelessly (and across dimensions too I believe). deep storage units are perfect for saving all that dirt/sand/cobble/gravel to use later in making said singularities as well. outside of that, I can't think of much in the way of recycling that exists in current tekkit. hey, at least it's something, right?
  22. big reactors is way, WAY better than any IC2 reactor will ever be. there's tons of automation possible in tekkit. tons of ways to spend all that energy your reactors will be generating. MFR laser drills, MFFS, large AE systems, other wacky cross mod builds. as fun as teching EE2 hard and then being in what amounts to pseudo creative mode forever is, doing it without EE2 is also enjoyable. you can accomplish a similar thing with quarries, laser drills, MFFS, turtles, or a compination of some/all of those. it leads to even more complicated machinery which is, to me, the most fun part of pla
  23. unfortunately, there's nothing else that can be done to get around it. I know it sucks to be stuck with dated hardware, sorry about that.
  24. mediafire doesn't work for hosting your mod pack. if, when you click on your modpack link, you get a webpage instead of a download window it will not work. the link has to be direct. this is hard to do with a free host, since most of them make money by showing ads next to a big "download here!" button, which is exactly what you don't want.
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