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  1. if it won't let you go past 1GB, that is not because of the size of your RAM sticks. that means you're either on a 32-bit CPU, or are running the game with 32-bit java while having a 64-bit CPU. if it's the latter, you're going to run into problems. install 64-bit java before you go spending the 60+ bucks on doubling your RAM.
  2. he's running out of ram. OP, on the launcher, click the little gear or cog icon in the upper right. there is a dropdown labeled "memory", set this to something like 3GB if possible. if you don't have much ram in the first place, 2 should work.
  3. that said, it should work I would think, assuming it was a vanilla 1.5.2(pretty sure hexxit uses this MC version) minecraft server. chances are though that you are running a more recent version, which will cause you problems.
  4. I have no idea, as that's more an issue of MCPC+ being compatible with that plugin and less to do with tekkit. but I do know that if you use the current recommended tekkit server, it won't work with a 1.6.4 MCPC+ because the mods are made for 1.5.2.
  5. and now the status update spam has begun. oh joy.

  6. sigh. take your pitchforks and torches elsewhere, I've been over this already even though those posts are hidden now. DDoSing is a real crime with real penalties and accusing someone of doing it (no matter how much you claim you're not while you do it) is a serious matter. additionally a few people have already been banned for doing just that. now there's another name added to that list. you want to summon an angry mob and try to ruin someone's reputation by making claims of serious, life ruining wrongdoing on their part based on the most circumstantial of evidence? do it on someone
  7. if you're running the latest beta versions of tekkit, it's 1.6.4. trying to use a 1.7 server will cause tons of issues. if you're not running the latest beta versions of tekkit and are instead using the current release build, it's still on 1.5.2, which could be your issue as well.
  8. a bunch of fixes were made to the launcher's beta version recently. try changing to that by hitting the gear in the upper right and selecting "always use beta builds" then hit save and restart the launcher. see if that solves your issue.
  9. unfortunately that isn't the reason. thanks for being my unwitting test subject, though!
  10. the problem with optifine is that it's very hit or miss depending on your system setup. some configurations see huge FPS gains, some see massive drops. because it's such a crapshoot in terms of benefits, it isn't included by default since removing it is far more difficult than installing it is (assuming 1.5.x versions that go in the jar)
  11. oh god what is this I don't even

    1. _Mataroyale_Modpacker_


      it is the power of LOVE.

    2. TheBytemaster


      LOVE AND TRUTH FOR ALLLLLLLLL! *fires shotgun*

  12. unfortunately, even if this is completely and totally legit, I can't take the risk that it's not. additionally, the official launcher already runs on mac OS just fine. requiring java isn't exactly a burden seeing as how minecraft itself requires it. I'm sorry, but I'm locking this thread and removing your link. also, just scanned it with virustotal and at least one AV engine reports it containing a trojan, so there's that too.
  13. 20 FPS while the game is literally paused, in a menu. 10-14 while playing in an empty world. what does this prove other than you don't get 60+ FPS? this is the same FPS the OP was claiming with similar albeit slightly better hardware. so congrats on having barely playable FPS, I guess? edit: watched the rest of the video, I see you are running at a resolution barely above 720p. if OP got his laptop anytime in the recent past, it's running at a native resolution of 1080p. so yes, not only are you not getting the FPS you claimed, you're running it at a lower resolution as well. don
  14. maybe in a small window, with every visual option turned off and visibility set to minimum. sorry but those specs simply will not get get that kind of FPS without some sort of massive concessions and I note that you have conspicuously left out your MC graphics settings. edit: oh and while looking at a corner.
  15. there's nothing "high performance" about the integrated graphics chip in modern intel CPUs when it comes to MC. you are going to have to lower visibility and turn off/down graphics options to make the game playable. even then it may not help much. short of installing a real video card, there's little else you're going to be able to do.
  16. yeah you're pretty much SOL in this case unless you wanted to bring like, a live CD of linux or something with everything already setup. assuming you can either boot from CD/usb or access the BIOS that is
  17. spinning a physical disk takes a lot of power compared to how much you get out of a usb port. thus, 2 ports for the needed to get the lovely power. my keyboard does the same thing actually to power the LEDs(fully backlit) and other stuff on it.
  18. also keep in mind that your username will actually be your email address that you used to create your minecraft account.
  19. it's because you are using a 32-bit browser.
  20. welp. that's really odd and a rather obtuse way of going about it. if it makes you feel any better, OP, this is the first and only mod I've ever heard of doing something like that for distribution.
  21. as others have mentioned, it does seem that this particular mod is something of an outlier. generally packs on the platform are conglomerations of other, individual mods that have been setup to work nicely together and packaged into a pack on the platform. minecraftforum.net would usually be the primary place to look for the individual downloads, but it seems like that's not the case here. technically, once you have launched the crafting dead pack once, the mod files are on your PC and accessable. you could simply prepare a minecraft install with forge and then move the mod's jar file over
  22. to address your main point: because we are not allowed to distribute the game proper, only the mods. mojang provides an API for authenticating accounts that is used by the launcher in order to make sure you've bought the game and then download the minecraft files from mojang's servers directly. we are not the only launcher that does this, either. FTB, magiclauncher (that you mentioned), ATlauncher, as well as others all work the same way. it's no less safe than using the official mojang launcher, because it uses the same API to authenticate. we don't keep that info (other than on your pc
  23. you're not having it remember your login, are you? you need that for offline mode to work. obviously you can't log in without an internet connection.
  24. they haven't. I tested it myself before posting that just to make sure. as long as you've started the pack once while online, you're all good.
  25. this isn't totally true. as long as you've started the game once while online, it will default to offline mode when there's no internet connection. you don't have to keep it open or any of that. as long as your son is playing single player (i.e. not on a server) he can play anytime, anywhere, regardless of internet status when he starts the game or launcher. as far as ram goes, you can control how much the game uses through the launcher. 2gigs is probably more than enough. you can change this setting by clicking the little gear icon in the upper right of the launcher window, next to th
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