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  1. doesn't sound like they're using one of the official packs. talk to ohgaming about it, you won't be able to get much help here.
  2. sorry we inconvenienced you temporarily with our continuous improvements to our services that you don't even pay for. we regret that our attempts to improve your long term experience has caused you short term pain in the form of curtailing your ability to launch a modpack for a digital block game, wildly popular with children the world over. you will find a full refund for the technic pack credited to your account.
  3. you make those yourself. we don't create them, nor do we plan to. just create a forge modded server jar, plop in the mods and configs for your pack, remove any client only mods (like rei's minimap) and you're set. instructions for adding forge to a server should be easy to come by
  4. uhh, you can download the server files for all the official modpacks from their respective pages I believe. it's just a regular server with forge installed + the mods in the pack.
  5. if only there was a place where you could create a modpack with everything you like in it, and even make it really easy for your friends or anyone to use. someone should totally make a website like that... ;]
  6. working as intended. the resources are easy to find so that you can spend less time mining and more time mad science-ing.
  7. if you have 64-bit installed, then it's not being used by the launcher. try reinstalling it. the 1GB limit only shows up when 32-bit java is being used to run the launcher because that's basically the limit for 32-bit apps.
  8. yes. apparently it's inherently sarcastic, but to be honest I did not know that till I looked for a definition to link.
  9. they didn't. they're just asleep. as for your actual post, I'm not the best informed on the state of bugs in the pack like spawning issues you mention but chances are good that it's being worked on. canvox, skuli, or genpage would be more informed on the status of that. as far as the redundancies go, that has been covered and the TL;DR is this: working as intended. no one replied because there's nothing cromulent to say about it unless you're one of the people I mentioned above, all of whom are asleep at the moment. edit: but thanks for trying to get in on the action anyway. yo
  10. unless they're using proxies, moving physical locations between posts, or some other wackiness this is not the same person as the OP. believe it or not it was some random dude on the internet.
  11. ryokashit has failed and dishonored his clan. he must meditate on his purpose and his actions.
  12. technically, yes it is. before you flip out some more over some dude bloviating on the internet, let me remind you of a few things: 1) people are entitled to their opinions. even ones that disgust you personally, even ones that are in favor of illegal activites like assaulting anyone or throwing people in jail for saying things other people really, really don't like. 2) there's no actual assurance that the links were actually the same person and not just someone else with the same name. you are inclined to believe it's the same guy because you already want to hate him 3) how does veno
  13. what complaint was that exactly? "this pack sucks because morph and bugs"? yeah, ok, sure. hey guess what, that guy is still not banned because he isn't foaming at the mount about furries and dog fucking, not because I or anyone else subscribes to his political and social agenda. his post is still up because it doesn't break any rules, which is the same reason your post is still up and why neither of you have any warnings yet.
  14. whyyes, it is in the rules. this is why I have helpfully linked the rules in my sig. here, I'll even prove it to you in your favorite manner, with an image: I also see that you did not take the warning to heart. you also seem to think you are supposed to backseat moderate, which you aren't. do you see the little "staff" logo under my name? or the "admin" logos under sct, genpage, canvox, etc? that means you get to tell people whattodoandmeanit. you aren't the hero this forum needs, nor the one it deserves.
  15. I think the problem here is that you think your opinion matters at this point. stop moaning about haters and playing the victim card and start proving why anyone should give 2 shits about your opinion over the millions of other opinions that exist on the topic.
  16. any mod made starting with 1.3 does this, technically. 1.3 is when they merged client and server stuff, turning SSP into emulated multiplayer. so while you're correct, that isn't really any different from 1.5.2.
  17. this thread is over. there's so many things wrong here that I could write a novel about them. glad you registered just to say this because you're now banned for it. take that shit back to 4chan or wherever you think it came from.
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