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Sudden lag


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Hello, first of all, thanks for your time.


I travel a lot and went in america. I'm usually in france and Attack of the B-team works perfectly, no lag at all. I came to america and lag started, not just a bit, its unplayable. I thought maybe i needed internet connection for it to recognize the country i'm in. I updated java too. The launcher works, the games starts, but when i start playing, it just doesnt work at all. I use a toshiba 64 bits   :) . Do you have the same case, or can you help me ?



Thank you  very much ! This is my first post so sorry if its not the right place.



EDIT: I found, i'm sorry for that :3 No more help needed, if i could know how to close this it would be nice though xD thanks <3

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Your location should have no effect on the amount of lag when you're playing in a single player world.

Are you using a different machine while in America? That could be a thing.


Also, if you updated to JAVA 8, downgrade to 7. Forge seems to have issues with 8 which may mean your game won't start at all.


If you're still on your own machine and JAVA isn't the problem, please post your issues on the Tracker. The link to the Tracker and its Rules and Guidelines can be found in my signature.

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