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[1.7.10] Muicraft [50 Slots][Muicraft Custom Pack][200+ Mods][No Whitelist]


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Due to the lack of activity, Muicraft has been shutdown (for now at least) and has been replaced by a private server for certain players of the server. If you were part of Muicraft and were friends with the Admins or Moderators, you were probably contacted about the new private server. If you weren't, contact Noah on Skype. If you were friends with him, you'll know his Skype.


Thanks for playing while it lasted. Who knows, maybe we will come back in the future. We probably will, it happened before. Twice. :P




Muicraft is a server created by Muiramas, however is maintained by our 3 main admins, noahc3, inhumancoffee and Heracles421. At Muicraft, we try to host a server that is fun for everyone. To do this, we have fairly unrestrictive rules, and run on a custom modpack which brings the latest and greatest mods to the table.

When our server is not under maintenance (by us or our host), we expect our server to be online. Obviously, we can’t help it if there is a crash and no admin is around to restart the server. If this happens, I suggest posting on our forums about it since our admins get an email notification when you do so.

Our community consists of very nice people willing to help out with anything you may have issues with. Just ask!





Website – www.muicraft.net

IP address – play.muicraft.net

Modpack – Muicraft Custom Pack (Available Here)

Minecraft Version – 1.7.10





The “Muicraft Custom Pack” is a modpack for our server created by noahc3 (clientside) and Heracles421 (serverside). We designed our modpack to suit everyone’s needs, from tech to magic to guns to computers, you get the point.

You can check out our modpack here, or if you want to cut strait to the chase, here is the link you paste into the Technic Launcher: http://www.technicpack.net/api/modpack/muicraft-custom-pack

If you do not know how to install the modpack, we have made a tutorial here.

Make sure that you set the max ram to AT LEAST 2 GB that you have decent processors. If you plan to use a resource pack (other than what we included) I suggest setting to at least 3GB or 4GB. Also, a known issue is there is a mod sorting cycle discrepancy, which is currently unfixable. If this happens, just keep restarting the pack until it works. If it does not work after 10 retries, reinstall the pack.

The server is pre-added to the multiplayer list, for your convenience.





The admins at Muicraft want to host a server that everyone will enjoy. To do this, we have decided to make fairly unrestrictive (though long) rules. They are as follows:



1.       PVP and Griefing is allowed under the following rules:

  a. PVP is allowed assuming your opponent agrees to fight. If you fight someone without permission and they ask you to stop, stop.     Do it again, and consequences will follow. (Though you shouldn’t have killed them in the first place…)


  b. Griefing is allowed assuming the person you grief is OK with it. This probably makes no sense in your mind, so here is an               example. Say you want to have a war with your friend using tanks and RPGs and such, and want to blow up their base. If they           agree to this war, and agree to base destruction and whatever, then griefing their stuff is OK.


  c. Griefing IS NOT ALLOWED if it is hugely destructive (unless what you are griefing falls under what is said above). Basically don’t     nuke a huge area in the middle of nowhere. It looks like crap. Cool, but crap.


  d. Griefing is also NOT ALLOWED if you are griefing someone you don’t know and/or hasn’t agreed to fight/war/etc. Doing this will     in most cases result in an instant ban.


2.       No items are banned nor restricted; however abusing the fact is punishable. For example, even though nukes aren’t banned, we expect that you do not go blow up someone’s base with them. Not following this rule will result in a punishment based on the severity. If we ever  feel  that players are abusing the fact that nothing is banned, we will start banning items.


3.       Report exploits/bugs to admins or on our forums. If it’s a dupe bug, (by actually duping the item, or using EMC weirdly, etc.) we will probably reward you with something.


4.       Admins are here to help. Seriously, if you need an area WorldEdited flat, ask us; and if we are in a good mood, will probably help out. See, we are nice Admins.  :D


5.       Admins are always right. If they feel something is rude, cruel, mean, destructive, blah blah blah, Admins always have the right to punish you. As long as you don’t break these rules and don’t piss people off, you should be fine.


6.       Make sure you are not ruining someone else’s fun. Doing this will probably prevent you from being punished or banned.



That is a long list, but basically we just want people to not get sad or angry, and not make our world look too much like a war zone.





Our server uses the latest version of Cauldron, and also uses various plugins to help improve the server’s experience for you and for us. The plugins are as follows (A-Z):


Dynmap [CB Bridge, we use the MCPC+ version] – Dynamic map for players (like Mapwriter/Opis)

Enjin MC Plugin – To link ranks on our website to our server, and vice versa. Also to aid in donating

Essentials – /home, /spawn, /back, etc. Almost every server has it, it isn’t anything special

Essentials Group Manager – Yea, we are those anti-PEX servers

GriefPrevention – Land Protection for Players

OpenInv – so we can view offline player’s inventories

Plugman – so we don’t have to restart the server to add and remove plugins

Prism [Cauldron] – Logs every action you make to help aid us in dealing with grief. NSA for Minecraft.

Random Location – For a random TP portal

Tekkit Customizer – To ban items if we ever need to

Vault – For money

Votifier – So we can reward you for voting for our server

Voxel Sniper – So admins can terraform terrain easily

World Border – To border the world so players don’t put 10 gigs on our server (currently 10k radius)

World Edit – I’m sure you know what that is

WorldGuard – Land protection for Admins


If you have any questions about Muicraft, you can post here, or if you want/need a faster response, go post on our website www.muicraft.net (in the forums).


If I am missing something required in the rules, please tell me. I have been working on this over a few days due to laziness so I wouldn’t be surprised if I missed something.

Also, I wrote this in Word and the formatting barely carried over properly, that's why it looks crap.

Edited by noahc3
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