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Better AotBT Sphax Pack?


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I have downloaded the AotBT Sphax texture pack from Sphax' website, but it's only partially complete. Some mods aren't in that pack, and therefor don't have the Sphax textures in game. I really hate the look of the regular MC tp mixing randomly with my Sphax tp. Does anyone know if there is a more complete Sphax pack out there for AotBT, or how I could add mods to the pack? Some mods, like Natura and Tinkers' Construct (there are more, I just can't think of them), do have Sphax tp's, but they aren't added in the tp for Sphax' AotBT pack. I had found a way to add them individually on my old computer, but my new one isn't letting me.

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Well there is no complete pack. The one thing you could do would be to get the sphax pack, the aotbt add on pack and all the packs for other mods in the modpack you can get your hands on. Unzip them all into one folder and once you are done rezip the contents of that folder creating the new ressource pack. Especially with chisel now being complete finally, things might look quite a lot better.

Have to do some updating myself soon I guess.

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