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[1.7.10] High Fantasia ~ Fantasy Pack | Blood Magic❧ | Thaumcraft Ж | Ars Magica 2 ♒ | [50 slot]

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IP : play.retg.net:25525 ( already in the pack )

This is a 24-hour server





High Fantasia is a new pack aimed at exploration, dungeons, bosses and loot. We are experienced when it comes to custom modpacks and our community has been running for over two years. We hope that any new players will find us very inviting and laid back and we will all look to form a great communal relationship together.




1. Download Technic Launcher

2. Log in and click 'Modpacks'

3. In the search bar, type 'High Fantasia'

4. Select us and press install.

5. Once installed, press play.

6. Our server will automatically be in the pack, just drop by!




Our Rules are different to a lot of servers/communities.


The basics are;


- Do not exploit ( this includes duping, abusing glitches etc)

- Do not spam or advertise ( Do not try draw players to other servers from ours )

- Do not pointless grief ( swastikas, dirt penises, terrain destruction )

- Do not slander the server and respect our staff.


For all the rules; http://retributiongaming.net/rules



- Thaumcraft

- Twilight Forest

- Tinker's Construct

- Erebus

- Atum

- Infernal Mobs.









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Having spent a few days on now I think I can give a decent rundown of the modpack.


Pretty fun as far as mods go (and they're looking to expand with a new mod or two), energetic community, plenty of room for growth, expansion and exploration, not too hard to get a good start. Pretty good place overall.


I'd love it if you could donate to get more /home choices though.

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