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Nova GalaxyI will make this post better one day, but that day is not today.

Technic Platform Page

How to play: Search for "novagalaxy" in the Technic Launcher.


Nova Galaxy has an assortment of various tech and magic mods. Some people call these types of packs: kitchen-sink packs.

One unique feature that Nova Galaxy has is it's specialized ore generation. Ores generate everywhere, but do so rarely and in small amounts. With the help of your trusty Mining Radar you can prospecting for "super-clusters" in the ocean which contain over 100 clusters of various ores. There are some other changes too, but that can all be read about in the ore generation spreadsheet linked below.

Another major feature is what I called the "space-based progression". Basically recipes of various blocks and items are changed to require materials that are only found on certain Galacticraft dimensions. You need to travel by space rocket to these dimensions to get the required materials. You can find a complete list of items/blocks affected by the space progression in the doc linked below.


Website (contains changelogs and direct downloads)


Ore Generation Spreadsheet 

Space Progression Quicklist

GitHub for tracking modpack development.


Most (if not all) this info is the same on the Platform Page. All other info can probably be found in-game but if you can't then feel free to ask here. This thread is mainly for pack discussion and support (because I'm not doing official support via GitHub).

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