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Private Attack of the B-Team Server | Whitelist

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My name is Žan and i have a Attack of The B-Team Server.

This server is hosted at bisect hosting, :)

Its open 24/7, but its whitelisted.

Whitelist/Applcation is to prevent griefeing and to give me an idea of who you really are.

If you want to be whitelisted you have to fill out the app. :)

This is a small community server and has just been made recently(1 day ago), so nothing is yet built.

The app :)



What will you do on the server:

Age(dosent really matter):

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IGN: Waddlehi

Reason: I want to play attack of the bteam in a nice small comunity and have fun.

What i will do on the server: Make my own survival house, use machines and other stuff like helping out after i am good to go.

Age: almost 13.

hope i can play!

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IGN: drybones0205

Reason: I want to play on this server because I really love playing with other people, but in a friendly environment. I trust that this server will bring that to me. I like to play on small and especially new servers because their is a lot of space to build on untouched land. I like white-listed servers because it is very private and some can't come on and start griefing everybody. I really need a server to play on because of all of the mean players.

What will you do on the server: I will play on this server until I exhaust all of its resources!

Age: 17  

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