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[1.0.12b](Latest Version) Revolution Realms [Community][36 slots][Whitelisted][NO BANNED ITEMS]

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Revolution Realms is a survival community based  white list Attack of the B-team server. The goal of this server is to create a small community that is active and willing to interact with each other with the minimal access to plugins. Revolution Realms is a small white list server looking for applicants that fit its environment. What do I mean by that you may ask?... Well Revolution Realms is a server where the community helps each other out.. there's no such things as spawning something in or cheating something in. Everybody including staff members are bound to acquire everything they get legit without the help of creative or plugins. If this is something you would like to try out.. click on the link to fill out and application!

Dedicated server with a 24/7 up time!

Contact me on Skype



White list Application



Feel free to visit our page!


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