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Hello everyone.
I would like to announce my recently created modpack. (The modpack runs on minecraft 1.7.10)

The modpack name is ARPA Pack
I created this modpack for the people who might not have a good computer to run these huge famous modpacks.Also it is compatible with 32-bit Operating Systems because i tested it with 1GB of RAM and i get like 200-600 MB memory Usage.Now you can probably understand that the modpack doesn't have a high number of mods because as i said i designed it to be able to work in average computers, but it does have the mods that you need to have fun and change your minecraft experience.The modpack is mostly orientated on Technology mods, But i did add one mod that will probably balance it out. Yes it is one mod that is not related to Technology.... but it really is something that will remove that *all technology* feeling. This is just a beta-phase of the mod and i will continue to update it, i will probably add mods or remove some that may be un-needed.

If you are interested in the mods that this modpack contains here is the list of them:

TreeCapitator Mod
Applied Energistics 2

EnderUtilities (maybe i will remove/replace this mod in the future)
FastCraft (It will reduce your minecraft memory usage and will improve performance)
JABBA (Just Another Better Barrel Attempt)

OptiFine (Same as Fastcraft but it adds out some graphics options that can be used in some older computers)
Project E


I really hope you guys like it and try it out.As you can see the mod list is very small but the guys with good computers can try this out too. It will be fun enough if you want a small modpack.  (Also i am planning to grow this pack and creating another modpack based on this but larger)

Extra Note: If any of these mods got copyright stuff in them please tell me, i will remove or replace them

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