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Pack Name: TechnAintEasy

TechnicLink: http://www.technicpack.net/modpack/technainteasy.650138

Pack Idea:  This pack was to update the 1.6.4 Tekkit Classic pack for me and my friends. Some things were changed due to compatibility issues or updates and a few extras were added. 

W.A.I.L.4:  A technical review basically. What I can do to improve this pack for those using it at a technical level and things I might not know that I have missed or done that can improve this pack.

Reason for making pack:

I was introduced to modding through the 1.6.4 Classic pack recently and somehow ended up being the one to host the server. We wanted an updated version that was not yet available to us so I decided to make my own pack based on the one everyone loved to play. Through the course of time I updated and changed much in this pack with the goal of keeping it reasonably lite and easier to play even on somewhat lower end computers.  Figured I would see what the community thinks I could improve on and get better at since I have really come to enjoy making modpacks.  In the future I would love to make more modpacks for the community and here is your chance to help me improve my skills and knowledge in order to make the best packs I can.

The server pack is cauldron based. It also contains some plugins for permissions, grief prevention, home setting, and troubleshooting.

Edited by skittishtrigger
various fixes and added server pack info basics
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